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Camps in Red Dead Online: how to prevent them from moving them and much more

De Battle of Red Dead Online They are extremely important places where you can earn the character or group and get a series of benefits and essential improvements so as to get around the game.

When it happens in the game for a player Red Dead Redemption 2, in Red Dead Online We will also have a camp at the beginning of the adventure. This Red Dead Redemption 2 camp of this online mode varies from the game's story, and you need to know these differences to take advantage of it.

Among others, we will learn How to Move Camps at Red Dead Online?, how to improve them and what you can do in each of them. With all these clarity you can get great interest in the adventure.

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Camps in Red Dead Online: how to prevent them from moving them and much more

Size of the camp

There are two types of camps according to their size, size and size. The small camps give us up to four players deal with a daily remuneration of 1 dollar. In contrast, a bigger camp has a 2-day maintenance allowance and gives a maximum of seven players.

Improvements to get in Campaign

To do this, we must find the character Cripps in each of our camps, while we must invest in part of our money.

Camp in Red Dead Online

Among others, we can improve the caravan that can strengthen the restoration of the core goals in freeing the free mode. All improvements are linked to the character of the character:

  • Rank 1: fill the nicks 15% if you enter the free mode and the cores are loaded more than 25% if the rest in the camp
  • Rank 15: Fill the nicks by 25% when entering into free mode and regenerate 50% faster than rest in the camp
  • Rank 22: The nuclei are 35% fully introduced into free mode and 75% rapper in the camp
  • Rank 36: The cores are fully integrated into 45% in free mode and 100% in & # 39; the camp
  • Rank 49 the cores are 55% fully entered in free mode and 125% in & # 39; the camp
  • Rank 55: The nuclei are 65% fully integrated into free mode and 150% in & # 39; the camp
  • Rule 64 times are regenerated at 75% when it was introduced in free mode and 175% in the camp

It is also possible to block the fast journey from the camp, although you must reach the level 65 or 112 gold.

Remark for security

In the camp you will find a safety in which you can get your packages with delivery you bought. In this way, you refuse to get a camping location to get all the packages with delivery you bought in & # 39; the catalog of the game menu.

Camp in Red Dead Online


From the camp you can also access the shop at the same time, where you will be able to change the character of changing aesthetic aspects as t-shirt, pants, shorts or even the hat.

How to move a camp and to which locations

If you pay an economic amount, you can strategically lead to other areas. To do this, go to the Campaign Menu to choose the relevant locations. This would be the areas where you can move the camp:

  • Grizzlies
  • Bayou Black
  • Big Valley
  • Cholla Springs
  • Cumberland Forest
  • Gaptooth Ridge
  • Great Plains
  • Heartlands
  • Henningan's Stead
  • Rio Bravo
  • Roanoke Ridge
  • Scarlett Meadows
  • Trall Trees

How do the camp not be attacked?

The white flag system in the game protects you from others are attacked by other users while you are in the camp. For that you have to get the white flag. The flag of the other color is just aesthetic.

Camp in Red Dead Online

With all the above you know How to improve the fight in Red Dead Onlinehow to move and benefit from improvements.

Besides consulting us RDR2 analyzes Learn more about the title, you can discover many more things about the game in us Red Dead Redemption 2 gids, Full of files and tips that will be helpful in many paragraphs as we are now following.

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