Sunday , August 1 2021

Blobs 500 times the size of the & # 39; earth's & # 39; a sun bust

50th Anniversary Of Mathmos Lava Lamps

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The Parker Solar Probe is now at & # 39; you ran to the sun, to improve the tight perfect atmosphere of the whole plasma, which compares our sun system. But back on earth scientists look after decades of ancient data, and they have some interesting: blobs. Literal blobs.

Not just regular blobs. Big blobs. Officially called "periodic density structures", they will block in & # 39; the sun wind & # 39; broadcast a sentence in burps and they can do anything from 50 to 500 times as much as they do. Perhaps this stuff arises from every sun every 90 minutes.

"They look like the blobs in a lava lamp," said Nicholeen Viall, a research astrophysicist at NASA / Goddard Space Center, speaking to Space.

Scientists have been saved from these lava lamp blocks for decades, but they are now only visible to them from & # 39; source. They were found by a re-study of 45-year-old data from German NASA space fire Helios 1 and Helios 2 (probes sent to the sun in 1974 and 1976). Use of PhD students Simone Di Matteo spotting patterns in data that match paths of blobs out of & # 39; are the suns.

The findings were published in JGR Space Physics.

The Earth's magnetic field protects us most from the effects of these blobs, but they have the potential to interfere with our satellites and communication capabilities.

It's a lot of those we don't know about these blobs, and one of many reasons NASA sent the Parker Solar Probe to the sun to learn more about the nature of sunshine and cubes like this " periodic density structures ". The problem has recently appeared its second sleep floor from the sun and will start the data back to the Earth filter.

"This is one of the studies that made more questions than we answered, but that's perfect for Parker Solar Probe," said Viall in a statement.

Ultimately, NASA hopes, the problem will get close enough to blue away to their shape, right from the sun.

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