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Black Friday reaches the 0km car in Argentina with discontinuation of up to $ 750,000


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The bonuses are of the greatest variation: it applies to popular cars, luxury cars, pickups and utilities. It's a decline in a sector

In the middle of & # 39; The crisis has crushed the automotive industry, especially at the 0 km that comes out of four months of next fall, looking for the Black Fear to sell the sales. And it comes as never before.

Although some promotion came from before, The fires arrive at Black Friday with strong services that are practically all kinds of bikes cover, with bonuses reaching up to 750 thousand pesos, published Clarín.

Chevrolet is one of companies that promote their bonuses. Thus models such as Cruze LT, with automatic box, have a discount of $ 185,000, which is with a final prize of $ 746,900.

There are also discounts on SUV Tracker FWD, which has a $ 100,000 forgery that is $ 705,900; the Onix Joy LS MT, has a bonus of $ 122,000 sold at $ 360,900; and the pickup S10 2.8 TD 4X2 LS MT has a discount of $ 85,000.

Peugeot has promoted the full range of SUV 2008, with skates from $ 111.305 to $ 169.235. But there are also benefits for the 208 (up to $ 60,575), the 308 (up to $ 162,425), the 408 (up to 140,372) and the utilization partner (up to $ 57,460), Expert ($ 96,800) and Boxer ($ 245,701).

Ford also offers offerings on some models.

The largest of all is the transit utility, which is $ 140,000. The Ranger pickup, for example, has a $ 125,000 reduction on XL version 4X2 CD 2.2L Diesel 6MT, and $ 100,000 in practice the rest of the range, except for the versions of Napster motor.

There are also discounts on Fiesta ($ 45,000) and EcoSport ($ 100,000). In addition, the oval market offers some financing options.

Citroën is another business that stimulates its benefits with the Black Friday flag.

Among them, the C3 Feel models (it has a discount of $ 148,000 left to $ 485,000), the C3 Aircross ($ 167,000, final price $ 519,000), the C-Elysée (with discontinuation in three revisions of $ 165,500) and the C4 Lounge Live ($ 129,000, final $ 559,000). There are also rebels for Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.

Volkswagen does the same with the goal with a prize of $ 369,900 and Amarok pickup of $ 849,900, for the Trendline 4×2 version with double cab.

In addition, it offers various funding options for various models.

Honda is the benefit of SUV HR-V, $ 83,600 for the EX version and $ 93,350 for the EXL, the last $ 795,000 lost and $ 880,000 respectively.

Hyundai maintains discontinuous practices for its full disk space.

Start of # 39, which has a profit of $ 168,300 (-4,500 dollar) left its last price on $ 535,050, goes through the Crete SUVs ($ 261,800 and stayed on $ 848,700) and Tucson ($ 187,000 and starting at $ 1,162,350), until it arrives at Grand Santa Fe, a $ 452,540 subsidy has deposited at $ 2,299,240.

But the brand that has the largest services has sold to the imported Ditecar, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo in our country. And while these high-end models with a high price compared to popular cars, the reduction is inevitably learning to focus.

The entire framework of Jaguar involves 15 thousand dollars, or $ 561,000. Although Volvo reports reports of 20 thousand dollars, which is $ 748,000 according to the current change, for the S90 and XC90 models. The V40 and the S60 also get "heavy estimate", although the importer has described the sum.

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