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Black Friday: 5 things to know


It's only October, but it has not stopped you from starting to carbur all the emotions. Black Friday or Black Friday – As announced on Friday 23 November

For those who do not know, Black Friday is called after Thanksgiving and is officially a Holiday that begins the holiday shopping season. Here are some tips to avoid bad suggestions and know how to get the best results.

1. Daily Black Friday.

This basically means that you can purchase US $ 10 Bluetooth speakers, US $ 70 Samsung Gear Fit 2 smart clocks, HP Specter x2 laptops under US $ 400 or US $ 24 gesture-controlled UAVs by default.

Of course Black Friday offers a much larger offer, but the offer itself does not always exceed what it shares in this column. And if they do, it is often only for a few dollars. Simply put, do not get caught up in Black Friday's frenzy. Buy it if you have something you want to buy and you see it sold long before Black Friday.

If you missed a good offer on Black Friday, do not worry: the likelihood is good and you can see it again in a short time.

2. Homework.

Suppose you are looking for a new television. It is true that Black Friday is routinely told to make a good deal on TV. How do you decide if it is worth standing outside the big store at 4 am on big day?

Do your homework. The Camelcamelcamel pricing site shows historical highs and lows for nearly every product sold by Amazon. Also check out Slickdeals Price Tracker. Slickdeals Price Tracker provides a base price breakdown for dozens of stores. Just paste the product URL.

The more you know about the price history of a product, the better you can prepare for Black Friday. This article does not always contain updated articles, but it is often a better suggestion.

3. Do not dispose of repaired products.

Black Friday is almost always about new products. Not new in the market but in new conditions. This tends to prevent buyers from receiving potentially better benefits in the form of refurbished or rescheduled goods.

Apple products are a good example. Black Friday is often the best way to see Best Buy and Wal-Mart's special offers, but Apple is the only day to discount Macs, iPads and more. However, even these suggestions do not generally match what you can get from Apple retrofits.

I am not saying that you should always choose to renew with a new one so that you do not have to look at the converted products in your search.

4. Find the & # 39; filtered & # 39; ad in your store.

One of the reasons I do not like Black Friday is that it is no longer fun. In recent years, almost every store (online and retail) has "filtered" ads on Black Friday in advance, sometimes weeks ago. This is good for bargain hunters. It will help you plan ahead. But it also means that there will be no surprises on November 24th.

When you're ready to study all of your ads, go to sites like Bfads.net and Blackfriday.com. Avoid being locked in places like "Black November" in Newegg. This is just a list of daily / weekly events. Sam 's Club' s one day offer is scheduled for November 12th. Too much.

5. Do not forget the cashback app.

Pssst: There is a way to save more money on Black Friday (even cyber Monday and shopping days of the year). Using the service Cash refund. Services Cash refund They refund a certain percentage of the final purchase price.

BeFrugal, Dosh, Ebates, Honey, and TopCashback are some of the services that you can get discounts from most stores (mostly digital stores, but they work on some physical stores). Dosh is a particularly good choice, and the Ebates mobile app is meant to be purchased in stores.

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