Friday , May 7 2021

Beatriz Sarlo, very harsh with Macri: he is an ignorant

The explanations of essayist Beatriz Sarlo They always have to speak. Before Criticism of Kirchnerism and now the current government comes out, came to ask the president Mauricio Macri He was considered "ignorant".

"Macri said that everything was arrested in three months: inflation, productivity, unemployment, or someone was a lie or a share of", Sloech Sarlo declared in Radio Con Vos. He gave "All economists had the numbers, which was hip or cynicism, not naive."

"That the ministers had a diametrically false diagnosis of # Argentine situation or that they had the diagonal they had," he donated.

Sarri believes Macri is an "uninteresting" politician. "I see an ignorant", he finished.

He then treated the "intellectuals" of Kirchnerism and Macrismo. "I'm one of those people who do not say it, I'm debating better. Although I was criticized by some Kirchnerists, especially in social networks, my dialogue with the important Kirchner-intellectuals was an open dialogue, Just as I was mediated with the intellectuals that work in Macrismo, even though I was not Kirchner and I'm not macrista. In the whole of Kirchner I have a dialogue with the officials, with Macrismo I will know with the person I know, but they are civil servants, let's say the word intellectuals ", he loved.

Macri seems to me an ignorant "(Beatriz Sarlo)

"To keep an open dialogue, you must prevent the dangers of a bitter argument. If I started Macry I think he is ignorant – that's what I think – but when I'm using Avelluto, it is certain that the dialog does not By doing it, it makes conversations where it thinks there is a possible continuation I do not know much about macrismo, it's not my world, how to get the CEOs of businesses Meet, "said Sarlo.

On the other hand, the author says that # 39; The makrismo has an unpleasant confidence and there I say it is ideological, in what a picture means. All presidents take photos with everyone, it happened in G20, a picture does not mean much investment & # 39 ;.

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