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Be watchful! These applications steal your data for Facebook

Facebook uses its developed weapons as a great data store, even if you do not start the session or have an account on the social network. It does this through private applications and, as published by the Privacy International Foundation, without the need for any consent or interaction from users.

This would be against what the current privacy and data protection scheme in Europe, the RGPD – General DATA Protection Administrative Direction does. The behavior discovered a few weeks Wednesday has affected about 30% of all applications through Google Play, which use Facebook development software -DKK-.

An even more pronounced use than expected in most downloaded applications

Privacy International studied some of the most downloaded applications and verifies that they are performing a data transfer, at any stage of & # 39; an interaction by the user and which information they send to Facebook. And increasing the incidence: up to two of all three applications that are being analyzed are sent to Facebook.

The list of important applications that have been positively tested – that is – set – in this test are the following. The link is included so you can check if you have installed them:

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Duolingo – Free Languages

Yes, look for a job

Family and mobile location

Heart Rate – Pulse Monitor

KAYAK: flying, hotels and more

King James Bible (KJV) Free

Muslim Pro – Hours of Prayer, Athan, Quran and Quiblah

My Talking Tom

Clue Menstrual and ovulation calendar

Look for Qibla


Skyscanner – flights, hotels and cars

Spotify: music and podcasts

Table light

Weather – Das Wetterkanal

TripAdvisor: Hotels, Restaurants, Flying



????? Salatuk (prayer time)

In its analysis, the data that was received and sent by this SDK is included in their interaction at different levels. Of course, we have also analyzed applications where no trace of this connection is found, such as the Ookla speed test, Candy Crush, Dropbox or WeChat.

All are applications with millions and even hundreds of millions of downloads. Many of them are well-known or reputable & # 39; Developers such as Spotify, with whom Facebook shared a lot of controversy, making it discover their users' private messages.

Facebook developers have already warned that these collected data were previously anonymized, so that no private information at the same time becomes accessible to the unnecessary users of their platform. The developers of these applications also control balls outside, specifically on Facebook's roof. According to the Financial Times (paywall) there is a conflict between those who use these Facebook services and the platform itself.

Although Facebook posts that the user data collection can be disabled, those who realize this feature insist that it was not possible for at least a month after the European RGPD to work, or that they just didn't know that it was. . According to Skyscanner speakers:

"We weren't aware that data on Facebook is being sent in this way, without our consent of our users, being against our own internal standards for integration with third-party technology, and we are still investigating how & # 39; It didn't happen. "

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