Monday , November 29 2021

Bailando 2018: Jimena Barón is getting started and it's getting lighter


It's about the end of the year and it's just about it Bailando por un sueño. This is the case with participating parties, as is the case of Jimena Barón. Its professional work is to be a very personal one, and this is what the actress is doing in his presentation.

It's your job to shove off the roundabout, one of the rhythms most difficult to test. The actress is most sensual to her husband and husband Mauro Caiazza, but this is the story of the greatest of them and the juvenile manuscripts.

Ángel de Brito exo pecionalmente bueno e decidió apostar por la pareja: "Me gusta como pareja de baile, veo siempre química, pero hoy no la vi. It's very difficult to get rid of it, "said, and the puso and 4.

Laurita Fernández, because of this, has more elogios and the fact that they are leaving behind the competency of the rhythm. Florencia Peña has been quoted as saying with 6 words of its devolution: "It's all about control that every moment it's time to stop. Soltate, porque si querés ganar, tenés todo, pero te tenés que soltar ". By the way, Marcelo Polino commented: "The core of the day, but the calming time. Son novios, they can poke tocar, "and the puso 3 puntos.

If you have a recipient of the latest comments and comments, you will be able to read the sample statement: "I'm sensitive to the program. Estoy un poco asustada porque no soy bailarina ".

There is a lot to be said about, Jimena confesses: "They say," I told them, but they did not want me to do the best, "he said. Algunos miembros del jurado le dieron palabras de aliento y la actriz se emocionó más todavía: "Pensé que me iba importante menos este programa y de repente se volvió una de las cosas más lindas de este año. Estoy un poco insegura ".

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