Sunday , August 14 2022

Axion promised to lower naphtha prices, but did not give new value.


The city's gas station told EL DIA, "It's not yet known." The shell is added.

Axion yesterday released 2.14% diesel price cuts at gas stations, and gas prices have also dropped in some states.

The DIA advised Axion at a gas station in our city, but said the new price was "not yet known."

Also it was commented yesterday that can be added to the reduction of fuel, oil shell.

"We have lowered the price of other diesel products in the capital, and we have not moved the price of gasoline," Axion said.

"In some states, gasoline is included in price adjustments," he said.

Capital's most significant decline was 2.14 percent in premium diesel, with the price of the liquor dropping from 90 cents to $ 41.17 from $ 42.07.

"We've cut 30 cents down from $ 35.29 to $ 34.98 for common gas oil in the capital," he said.

The company confirmed that price movements responded to the "commercial strategy" as a result of previous adjustments in value.

"It responds to the commercial strategy, we have raised the price and the competition is moving, so the rebalancing is done," the company explained.

"We raise the prices, so Shell and YPF have done it for us, and this is a commercial strategy that does not feel an imbalance with the competitors, so a detailed adjustment has been made from the Axion.

On November 1, the oil company announced that it would raise naphtha by up to 5% and 7% for diesel.

A few days later, Shell had an average growth rate of 4.8%, while YPF showed an average growth rate of 2.5%.

The downward adjustment of the Axion modeled by Shell increased fuel by 14% to 70%.

In December, the tax on fuel transfers is raised, but the government argues that the new increase should not be applied because the parity index has already been balanced.

The Department of Energy believes that oil companies have higher refining margins than the global average, which means that fuel does not need to rise.

Specifically, Argentina's fuel is one of the most expensive fuels in the region.


That is the price of premium diesel. Approximately 90 cents is the price of this fuel at the Capital Station.

They are less than a cents per liter diesel cost tomorrow at the Axion station in the City of Buenos Aires.

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