Monday , August 8 2022

Avelluto received a big voice on the opening.


"It is good to whistle because they want to say it correctly, but we have to listen to it," the Minister of National Culture said. Pablo AbemeltoI got a great response from the opening ceremony of the Mar del Plata Festival. The strong cataract of the whistle is unprecedented in the case of 33 years of history.

Avelluto suffered a serious difficulty in embodying a nearly three-minute speech in the context of the strong opposition between the government and the sector in the Argentine film industry. Creators, directors and actors groups criticize the budget and cuts in budget at the National Film and Visual Arts Institute (Incaa).

"Did you remember when we lived in a democratic society and heard each other?" Avenuto has been abandoned several times by crying, "What hypocrisy!" Or "He is lying!" did. And to consider the achievements of the current management as a "record of shooting" or "the amount of complaints and complaints filed with the anti-corruption office in relation to recent industry policies" in relation to the former Kirchner government So


On the other hand, actress Mercedes Moran, Received the Astor Award for his career and starred in "Sueño Florianópolis" Anakatsu The person who held the festival during the big applause said, "I was personally concerned all year round that the culturally big budget cuts hindered the realization of this festival."

On the other hand, Katz, who has a large number of film crews, has to keep Inca in mind that it is vital to ensure space is not only a feature that encourages Inca to insert a movie in the marketplace, but also a film with personal looks, a questioning movie, I am born and see many movies and experience and find freedom. "

With a big applause, he concluded. "In addition to films that succeeded in box-office success, the identity of the film was also established.

A few months ago, the director from Argentina at the end of September Benjamin Nishitat He also used a platform that assumes that the film festival will raise criticism of the current government's cultural policy, raising the Golden Seal to be the chief director of "Rojo" in San Sebastian.

"I will not talk about what improvised people who manage public policy in the film are doing, but here I want to tell people that culture is majestic, is part of the dignity of people, and that dignity is not negotiated "He said at the time.

Due to the crisis, the Mar del Plata film festival had to be reduced from the planned 11th to the 8th.

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