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Avance against the leukemia: a combination of drugs logra's remedy 87% in an age – 09/12/2018

Las oncohematología está viviendo a cambio de paradigma con nuevas terapias que están mostrando prometsores resultados en el tratamiento de los dos dosos de leucemias Most frecuers and adults: The Leucanthemum of the Cultural Influence (LLC) and the Luma (LMA) Leukemia, representing the 60% of all the leukemia diagnoses in Argentina. Estas novedades fueron presenta esta semana en el Congresso de la Sociedad Americana de Hematología (ASH), que celebrado en San Diego, Estados Unidos, que se podieron de los resultados que están obteniendo pacientes que consiguen Tasas medianas de sobrevida hasta ahora nunca vistas to determine grupos of pacientes.

In the context of the LLC during the Congress present the advances of the 3 stage Murano estuary, which combines the combination of the venetian lymph and preparing for recipes with this type of leukemia. Del trabajo participates in a universe of 389 pacientes of 20 countries. The 130 pacientes have completed a complete compliance treaty and have been interrupted, the estimation of the remission of 6 to 12 months from 92 to 87%, resp.. The global observer of three years – its recent results have come to an end in the study- from 87.9%, suggests the presentation of the title of the principal of the studio John Seymour, director of the Australia Maccalli Medical Center of Australia.

"This is a good news for both the pacific and the media community, which has lasted for the recent drugs and results of all acrobatics and many other adverse events. The medication of endemic medication is mediated by Oral, since they have been catered for in the infertility, because they are limited to time and their intervention, "explains Clarín Alicia Enrico, Medicinal Hospital of the Plata and the coordinate of the investigation area.

This new therapy consists of oral organs, combined with the endogenous endogenous hemorrhoids. "One has suspended, the pacient logan is in the remission of the drug and the medication. This is absolutely innovador. It's a 36-month segment and it's a 87% share of the results, "Enrico adds.

In Argentina, these drugs (venetoclax and rituximab) are more like monoterapias. The ANMAT is the latest evaluation initiatives for its approval and the approximate month for the combined use.

La LLC is a kind of employee who shares the sang and the mule. They are the characteristics of the abnormal bladder generation. These cells, which cumplen the function, have been infected with combat infections. Represent 30% of the leukemia and adult casio casinos. Suele gets in touch with more than 70 years and is more than happy and homosexuals. In total, LLC, it is estimated that the 30% of the diagnostic requirements require immediate medical attention, about 30% will be required at the time of their life, but in the main case they have a segment of interest until they note a The information and the instructions are required for this purpose. And the rest of the porcelain was requiring the troubles.

It's a great melee agate, it's the kind of seduction, one of the most aggressive things it's all about to do and get down. The main thing is primitive primitive or inhalation, which is due to accumulate in the mud and peripheral sperm. Your cell phones can be cumpled with their features el desarrollo de la enfermedad es acelerado. And in general, the pacient diagnostic with this type of leukemia is what they did peor pronóstico Alrededor of a 40% off-the -all is the perfect choice for smoking comorbiles or advances in the process of treating the trivial, with the fact that after 6 months. Suele has been presenting a 45-year period and the diagnostic medical age of 68 years.

In the ASH Congress presented the esthetics that combine venetics with the types of drugs, which means that they are used in this group of patients not only for intensive use: hip-metals and cataracts. The first stage of studying the study-using venetoclax with hip-metaphorically encoded by the investigator Daniel Pollye of the Universidad de Colorado, Denver, EE.UU. The second, directed by Andrew Wei of The Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, combines venetoclax with cigarette dice. And ambos estudios lograron altas tasas de remisión (the 60% discount rate) a mediana of about 17 months, which represents an important adventure for people who do not know how to do it effectively. These combinations have taken place more than one week through the FDA, because it is likely that this is a new therapy that will lead to Argentina in an area close to one year.

"It is a good thing that can benefit from this new thing that has occurred in terms of cadastral or comorbilidades, which can only take a rather intense, due to the fact that the pounds can generate the melting pot. There are drugs, hip-petrochlorides, and cages in a dose, with one sobrevida six times, explicas and Clarín The doctor Hernán Dick, an oncologist, specializes in the AML Hospital of La Plata. "Estos studios, combining one of the highlights with venetically-charged results, 70% of respondents complete and supervision of 16 to 17 months," aggravates the medical staff of the Hospital Gutierrez de La Plata.

It is estimated that Argentina is diagnostic 2,300 casos nuevos de leucemia per año, segment dates of the National Institutes of Cancers.

San Diego (United States). Enviada special.

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