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Argentinos dies Independiente in La Paternal in the debut of both the Super League Cup

Independiente falls by 3 to 2 against Argentinos Juniors, that justified the superiority in one game, but for Avellaneda's marriage & # 39; s two conquests as visitors, which they can speak to qualify the second round of the tournament. Super League Cup with only intellectuals through 1 to 0 or 2 to 1 next Sunday at the stadium Liberators of America.

Argentinos Juniors played and won well, with a second whole that he added to his football a high percentage of efficiency that makes him an important profit for the rematch, although the two goals of the Avellaneda team have a basic value in the definition of these series where "San Lorenzo or Hurricane" will wait for & # 39; without goals & # 39; the first child fled.

Independiente could not stand in the stadium Diego Armando Maradona In spite of the profits, the Diego Dabove team wanted a defensive website where the "red" buns were successful and from their every turn to "creative feet". Alexis Mac Allister and the resolution capacity of Gabriel Hauche. Therefore, those of La Paternal will miss much both, since today They reached the five yellow cards and they miss the next game to play in & # 39; e Liberators of America.

Those leading Ariel Holan (reached the 100 games towards Independiente, who were attacked only by José Pastoriza and Jorge Solari) were not with the offensive-defensive dynamics of those who led them to Diego Dabove, # 39; t run in three quarters of a year and drilled at & # 39; s flies with Damián Batallini at & # 39; a judge and the climbs of Elías Gómez on the left. However, the small size of the game field "Bichos Colorados" means that any loss in unfortunate areas of the judge is the possession of & # 39; A service advertising was complicated because his opponent could get himself into a risk zone fast.

It came with Argentinos just after 25 minutes and Pablo Perez scored his third consecutive goal with the red shirt to open the score, until the local rights set in numbers when Fabricio Bustos was overtaken by Alexis Mac Allister and this could Batallini go to the bottom and take a center that after a rebound sends the Hauche to the network, while Independant Defender at Hospital Hospital Alvarez initiates that action, with an apparent heavy injury in a link button .

The call of Fabricio Bustos for his injury

The second stage, like the first, had Argentinos as the owner of & # 39; s development and of each initiative in & # 39; a succession of a victory that he reached at five minutes, then Claudio Paul Spinelli (his father an admirer of Caniggia) of Elías Gomez for the 2-1 and scored his first goal with this shirt in Superliga competition, since it was earlier for the Copa Argentine.

The blonde Spinelli, with her hair as long as the "Son of" Wine, "is borrowed from Genoa, Italy, and possibly in June he must return to that European club. But in the meantime his production in "Bicho" is still positive, such as Hauche's, that over the 37 minutes, the "Rojo" with his third conquest, after a loss in & # 39 ; a middle of the Avellaneda team field.

Torrén's toughest kick to Domínguez

However, referring to the loss that is being paid in & # 39; s own arc, was a constant in this match of no less than five goals, when & # 39; it injured Miguel Torrén the same as a minute subtract to leave regular time, the discount of & # 39; e Paraguayan Cecilio Domínguez The local population with a bittersweet taste for a victory it was to be comfortable, like Independient, but at & # 39; the opposite.

Dabpve had finally concluded that Torrén's exclusion and his relationship, Jonathan Galván, waited for the edge of the field to go away, but he had no time for the purpose, due to a mistake that was forced Due to its physical reduction, a goal emerged from Independents that can be accessed in any time of definition. If that and Alexis Mac Allister's cutbacks decide that Martín Campaña shouldn't work so much, and even today, he'll see himself within a week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Argentines: Lucas Chaves; Matías Romero, Migue Torren, Carlos Quintana, Elías Gomez; Franco Moyano, Fausto Vera; Damián Batallini, Alexis Mac Allister, Gabriel Hauche; Claudio Spinelli. DT: Diego Dabove.

Independent: Martín Campaña; Fabricio Bustos, Nicolás Figal, Emanuel Britez, Juan Sánchez Miño; Pablo Pérez, Nicolás Domingo, Pablo Hernández; Martín Benítez, Silvio Romero and Cecilio Dominguez DT: Ariel Holan.

Stadium: Diego Armando Maradona (Argentinos Juniors)
Referee: Mauro Vigliano
TV: TNT Sport

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