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Argentine stocks are recorded with a majority of victims on 'Wall Street'


The dispute is guided by the roles of financial segment, with a loss of more than 4%.

For instance, Grupo Supervielle gives 4.1%; Banco Francés, 3.6%; Banco Macro, 3.6%; and Grupo Financiero Galicia, 2.6%.

Instead,Telecom earns 1.9%; IRSA, 1.5%; and Cresud, 0.5%.

Meanwhile operate the main indices of Wall Street with a low stone. The marks were released after the US merchant, Robert Lighthizer, befriended that the declared You would be surprised if Saturday's dinner between Trump and Xi is "no success".

The conflicting highlights on commercial conflicts have led to the two-day meeting of G-20 in Argentina.

Trump said on Thursday that he was close to Beijing, but he is not sure he wants to do that. The reports also indicated that Peter Navarro, the hard-working business consultant for the US president, joined the Xi meeting and came to the involvement concerned.

In & # 39 week, the gentle comments of & # 39; Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and the last minutes of setting up the S & P climate over 4 percent on Wednesday, on the track to reach its highest percentage for nine to nine months. .


The Merval index works on Friday by the holiday which has been determined by the national government for the area of ​​Buenos Aires for holding the Gather Summit or Presidents of the G20.

The leading panel has improved in November of 6.75%, the last round of the month closes with an increase of 1.1% and 31.482.59 points.

The best performances of a month are divided into the roles of Galicia Group (+ 22.4%), Edenor (+ 18.9%), Banco Francés (+ 13.6%) and Supervcial (12.7%).

In the meantime, victims were led by Tenaris (-11.2%), Cable Vision (-8%) and Petrobras Brasil (-7.3%).

According to a report by Porfolio Personal Inversiones, in November the Merval Rendier left in 7.4% pesos and 1,9% in dollar.

In relation to the fixed income aggregate, the preparatory index, made by the Argentine capital market institute, has collected an improvement of 1.97% over the month, based on the good performances of the # 39; The coupons that have increased GDP evolution, increased by up to 32.63% in November.

On Wall Street, the Argentine companies' shares were most severely up to date, one day there was 8% in Pampa Energía, followed by Transportadora Gas del Sur (+ 4.67% ) and Grupo Supervielle (+ 3,95%).

At the local level, if there is still a month before 2018, the Merval index of Bareos Aires actively collects an improvement of 4.71% in & # 39; t year.

In & nbsp; & nbsp; & # 39; accumulated from & # 39; The last eleven months is the ranking led by Tenaris, with an improvement of 61.05%, Transportadora Gas del Sur (+ 46.03%), Aluar (+ 41.98%) and YPF (+ 34.48% ).

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