Friday , August 19 2022

Argentina surpasses the world average for adults with diabetes.


Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when insulin is not used efficiently. "The prevalence of diabetes is increasing worldwide as it is expected to affect 592 million people in 2035. It is estimated that 425 million people are currently suffering," said cardiologist Carlos Reguera. . Ineba's Department of Preventive Medicine and Cardiology (Neuroscience Institute, Buenos Aires).

There are many types of diabetes. Type 1 is not preventable and is produced by improper secretion of insulin from the pancreas of unknown origin. During childhood, symptoms usually include exaggerated thirst, hunger, abundant urine (polyuria), and changes in vision.

"Although the prevalence associated with Type 2 is low, it is important to provide information because the family introduced is one hundred percent of life," said Liliana Tieri, a care-care association in Argentina, Diabetes (CUI.D.AR).

For example, Tieri said, "At school, teachers should not be afraid of a child to see blood sugar or take insulin, nor should they prevent them from doing physical activity."

"Diabetics do not smoke at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise (such as active walking) while maintaining healthy weight, healthy eating habits (avoiding sugar and saturated fats), and healthy eating habits," he said. "Said Carlos Gonzalez Malla, a member of the Argentine Cardiac Society (FCA).
"The positive thing about type 2 diabetes is that it can be detected early before the onset of clinical symptoms and that the use of measures such as weight loss, healthy diet and exercise can reduce the risk of complications," he added. .

World Diabetes Day will be held on November 14th every year.

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