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Argentina capabilities at Wall Street ran until 2018 to 70%

De The main launches are recorded by Banco Supervielle titles (-70.4%), Banco Macro (-61.8%) and Corporación América (-59.4%) in the last twelve months.

While in December, Despegar (-16.9%) records the most pronounced errors, Mercado Libre (-16.8%) and Corporación América (16.9%), according to information provided by Rava Bursátil.

Meanwhile, the most prominent increases in Eden month (5.1%) and Loma Negra (4.6%) were recorded.

The last round of the year, at & # 39; another side, succeeded most of & # 39; The elevations, the high point were the progress of Pampa Energía (4.7%), Transportadora de Gas del Sur (5.3%) and Loma Negra (4.5%).

Wall Street

The Stock Exchange of New York closes the day of Monday, but in & # 39; global one of & # 39; a year it was influenced by the increase in interest in & # 39; a united states, the global economic and various political uncertines.

According to the definitive results in a battle, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1.15% at 23.327.46 points, the Nasdaq 0.77% at 6.6635.28 points and the S&P 500 at 0.85% at 2.506. 85 points.

In the year, the Dow Jones lost 5.6%, the Nasdaq 3.9%, and the S&P 500 6.2%.


De European business sales have reported monthly trading with low revenues, last season of 2018, a year between 10% and 20% in a context of Brexit, commercial war and fear of growth, such as the world markings.

De The year was finally "worse than expected" for the brandDaniel Larrouturou, director of Diamond Bleu Gestion, told AFP. "The issues that hardly exist, but no one thought it would be a lot of trouble in any European index."

The Sino-US trading complex will be in 2019 as one of the main fruits to investors, alongside the & # 39; Brexit problem & # 39 ;, the economic beat and attitude that & # 39; s central banks, & # 39; he said.

The US stock indices had a difficult year, with the following events following in each case.

Wall Street moved into a meeting with the US Federal Reserve's (Fed) announcements, causing interests to pay for investment funds, the traders from Beijing-Washington's trade conflict or the evolution of & # 39 ; the technological values.

De The fall in & # 39; the oil price played a role in & # 39; e evolution of & # 39; e actions from & # 39; a large European group while the financial values ​​lead to low European rates and the struggle between the European Commission and Rome for the Italian budget.

On the other hand, the car manufacturers and industry were & # 39; e sector victims of & # 39; s demand in & # 39; a question and the new nuisance of nuisance.

The Eurostoxx 50 European Composite Index replaced just under 3,000 points a year, again an increase of almost 15% in twelve months.

In Paris, the CAC 40 has registered the least since 2011. The Paris index lost 10.95% of their value. In London, the FTSE-100 falls 12.48% in one year.

However, in other European cities, the falls were as follows: -15% in Lisbon, -10% in Amsterdam, -20% in Brussels, -15% in Madrid, -20% in Milan, and -10 in Switzerland %.

Frankfurt, where the last session was on Friday, set the Dax the last year in the last thirty years: -18.3%.

In Asia, the Nikkei index in Tokyo reduced 12.1%, Shanghai 24.6% and Hong Kong 14%. Compared to the current damage, the Bovespa de San Pablo set 13%.

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