Tuesday , January 18 2022

An unprecedented image of an alien planet that stars


It is 63 light years from Earth. The orbits far away from the stars, the second brightest of the approximately 130 million km of the Pictor constellation, are nearly identical in distance from Saturn to the Sun.

Astronomers followed thoroughly. Beta Pictoris b Two years. And this is how we capture the moment when the planet passes too close to the star halo from its orbit, merges with the planet and reappears in its halo.

To do this, they used the VLT tool. sphere Directly captured Beta Pictoris bIndirect methods such as those found in the majority of extraterrestrial planets discovered, without direct discovery and inferring its existence, were used to discover them. SPHERE actually specializes in the "direct image" method of capturing alien planets by shooting alien planets. This is how this fascinating image of this faraway world was first obtained this way.

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