Saturday , December 4 2021

All boys are trying to write the responsibility for the serious incidents in Floresta: "The street is not ours"


After closing the All Boys Stadium For the serious events that took place on the last Wednesday, The broadcast of the client gave a lecture From the press release The lawyer Héctor Rosenblat He was the one who tried to define the responsibilities. "The street is not ours", he did.

"We stave and request the legal resources required for the club to follow. Nowadays what is most important are the victims of this situation, including the club and the dozens of children who can not perform the activities that are executed. Also, employees who can not work can, "said the lawyer, who was the main speaker.

"The street is not us, we do everything they tell us, but it's something unmanageable. We are in a state of stupor. One thing is what happened on the street. We see it with great sadness and no one can be happy that there are victims and that the club is involved. It has nothing to do with the club "he stood up.

"This happened on the street. December 12 (in reference to the party's Boca fans) was there annulment and sent the court for that? We wait and We are working with the cause, of course, but we can not identify anything, the film has the police. Everything she asked was taken down. I try, we want the club to stay open ", Lawyer Héctor Rosenblat completed.

For his part, the chairman of All Boys, Fabián Aguirre, he said: "Personally we came to the conclusion that it would not be serious, we are really worried about this situation."

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