Monday , August 15 2022

Alberto Fernández mentioned Gabriela Cerruti as “spokesperson for the presidency” | The former replacement will lead the Unitial Communication Unit


President Alberto Fernández appointed former deputy Gabriela Cerruti as spokesperson for the Unitary Communication Unit. According to the president, the inclusion of his new figure in his team was taken from “some European democracies.” “That this function is exercised by a woman highlights two fundamental issues of our government: we want clear, accurate and transparent communication, and we keep calling for progress in equality and gender equality,” Fernández said in the announcement. made over social networks.

The spokesman, the president said, “will communicate information, data, announcements, but also the ideas and direction of the government as a whole. It will be available to verify all the information they need to put together the rumors and to fight false news that so much they do damage to democratic communication. “In addition, the Head of State emphasized that” the time beginning after the pandemic forces us to define the agenda of daily communication, fundamentally to bring certainty in a time of change and challenges. ” Finally, he pointed out that “we hope it will be a tool built and consolidated outside this administration to provide democratic public communication and a global dialogue in line with the new times.”

After the dismissal, the former deputy retweeted the president for “the confidence”, saying: “We will work for a public, democratic communication and a global conversation according to the new times and challenges.” He then described his beginnings as a journalist and wishes for the next stage: “I started practicing journalism in 1985, when I was 19, as accredited in the Casa Rosada Journalists Room. Raúl Alfonsín was the president and José Ignacio López, his spokesman

Cerruti presented his resignation last Wednesday to the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, claiming he would step down because he would be part of Fernandez’s cabinet, but did not specify the new one. t he would have in government. Her term in the lower house ended on December 10 and could be filled by Gustavo López, current director of Enacom, or former Buenos Aires lawmaker Gabriela Alegre, who was behind her on the Citizen Unit list. in 2017- -.

His trajectory

Born in Bahía Blanca in 1965, Cerruti is a teacher, graduated from La Plata University and the author of several books such as the unauthorized biographies “El Pibe” of former President Mauricio Macri and “El Jefe” by Carlos Menem. In the 1990s, he completed a postgraduate degree in England, from which he worked as a correspondent for Page 12. Once back in Argentina, she was head of the newspaper’s Politics section. Then he worked for the weekly magazine Trespuntos, a magazine in which he wrote the famous interview with the genocide Alfredo Astiz in 1998 – when the director of the publication was Héctor Timerman – in which the member of the Esma Task Force stated that ” I have no regrets “.

Under public administration, she was the executive director of the Provincial PBA Memorial Commission between 1999 and 2004. That year, she became the chief of staff of the Buenos Aires’ deputy chief of staff. Between 2006 and 2007, she was Minister of Human Rights of CABA, when the head of the Buenos Aires government was Jorge Telerman. In 2007 she became a legislator of the city until 2015 and in 2017 she was elected national deputy for Unidad Ciudadana.

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