Sunday , May 16 2021

Add gravel products to the Care Rates Program

The program will be expanded in this way fifteen articles in a gondola, that Attached to the list of 38 products that have increased their prices by 3.8%. They are, among others, puddings, skis, peanut dessert, cider and winds prices lower than the brand average.

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The list has Four products of # Christmas Correction under $ 30: A Peanut Garrafies package costs between $ 17 and $ 18, while peanut weighs 70 grams between $ 16 and $ 16.50.

In addition, 400 grams of chicken breast cost $ 75, while an 190 grams of fruity pudding costs $ 30. A 290 grams of peanut dessert comes from $ 69 and a 90 grams of Nougat is worth $ 69.

De Traditional peanut jam dessert that is usually missing for that time of the year is priced at $ 45.65 in the 110-gram package. In addition, a semi-sewn note was added to peanuts and amendments for $ 35.

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According to private studies, a family must have at least $ 4.150 for the cost of a Christmas dinner, a and 50% dear or 2017.

About drinks, ciders of different measures and bridges between $ 31 and $ 58 were combined with two types of wine with a prize of between $ 75.99 and $ 85.99 and Sweet manger on $ 99.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Internal Affairs indicated that, in & nbsp; Asking the Argentine Chamber of Toy Toy (CAIJ), decided Integration of keys that are bought at "affordable prizes" in over 2,500 supermarkets across the country.

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