Wednesday , June 16 2021

A woman dies of hantavirus in Argentina, the first fatality in Buenos Aires

This virus is transmitted through contacts with shelters, species and urine of secure wild wall, which are once dried, inhabited by residents.

A woman who spread a disease contacts with a mouse died on Saturday in a clinic in the Argentine city La Plata.

It's about Tahis Pérez, 34, who He was infected with hantavirus in a national territory of the province of Buenos Aires.

In addition, in Argentina 14 people died because of this virus.

According to the Argentine Ministry of Social Affairs, in one province of Chubut, the hantavirus has been the life of 11 people starting with & # 39; e epidemic control on December 3. While in the other provinces of Salta and Entre Ríos two other dead boats are included.

The hanta virus is a severe aquatic disease, caused by the hanta virus that is being contacted by humans through the muscles, feces and urine of safe wild bears, which are once dried. There are several types of hanta virus and the one that has erupted in Argentina is the Southern Andean tribe.

De Symptoms that cause this occur They are more painful, muscle, abdominal and cup pain, chills, abuse, lack, diarrhea, and, in similar cases, eating problems. People who use some of these cases are advised to reassure the doctor as quickly as possible, to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, to remove the house and to get in touch with other people.

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