Monday , May 17 2021

A week high volatility starts, with the price of a dollar that ties to # 39; the rates are linked

Expanding the vouchers of New York's book that were closed on Sunday were not good. Investors pay for an expansion of the loss on Wall Street. The good news is that after the debacle of Friday, victims seem to have reached no 1 percent. The same happens with China.

Therefore, the VIX, known as the Certificate and some of the S & P 500 index on & # 39; Wall Street, also see a pessimistic tone, to show the investor it's 22 points. If the indicator has 20 points, the warning begins in a risky action. Do not forget that the last week VIX has attracted every 24 points.

At this panorama we have to add that It is expected that the flood price will be spent on oil prices, after the agreement of the production cut off roazol.

The point of view of Europe is better. Most pay in future markets, to increase. Therefore, it is believed that the dollar has another negative role against the world's most important months.

Perhaps it's a valuable data for Argentina, but we do not forget the behavior of the dollar in # 39; The world is so important as it is against the real world. On Friday, the dollar in Brazil reached 3.90 reais. That is to say, the Brazilian currency remains at a higher level than the Argentine peso and it's a nuisance to make the country have the cheap trade deficit in a table. With the great devaluation of 2018, the exchange has balanced the exchange, but a new exchange would make the direction of dollar to Brazil, a consensus that has a country that has more than 700 lands a country risk and the impossibility of getting external financing can not come.

It is likely that Monday begins with a recipe of autumn on Friday and that even a nice uprising is registered. Do not think Monday to strong changes. These can be made for the weekend when the end of the first fourteen days of # 39; a month.

Another piece of information that the market can stimulate is in November official inflation. The relevant relevant indication can be at only 3 percent, a figure that makes the government happy and can improve the mood in a market brand that seems to end up trying harder the year.

A positive data on inflation will help lower the rates that the government wants to provide.

The lot of dollars is closely linked to the speed of low tourist rates.

The only ones left without hope will be the bills of guilt. With the exception of those who lose in 2019, the rest will remain between the political uncertainty and the deficit of double ships defeated after 2020.

For the market, the volatility will be very high, especially in banks. Legal news can affect the sector more than expected inflation.

The poorly-traded dollar – pesos will be a balance, but often the certificate of 'dollar' will begin to be reported. Dollarization of portfolios is a fact and if the renewal of fixed terms does not last long, it will be a problem.

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