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A Russian tourist, the original case affecting the rose petroleum rosin

This person of Russian nationality moved through Buenos Aires, Montevideo and the Iguazu Falls. A new warning was issued to promote the Rosario patient in social events in Rosario in & # 39; a virus.

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On April 4, the Ministry of Social and Social Development published a national alert for the "The risk of spreading" of mears received a confirmed case of a Russian tourist that moved by Montevideo, Buenos Aires and the Iguazu Falls into the stage, which paved the virus, which is very touched and It is spread by respiratory sections and drops of bacon.

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On Friday it was confirmed A 36-year-old from Rosario, who had contacted him, was infected with the disease. The new case begins with 1st fever and 1friese – the characteristic redundant spots of the disease – the next day, reported from the national Ministry of Health. In & period of & # 39; an indication of a disease, Rosario moved to Buenos Aires, who participated in social events in Rosario and even traveled to Venezuela. It is the second cash register of knives that was discovered this year in Rosario (the other was a 35-year-old man who traveled to Southeast Asia, with a stopover in Canada).

In an interview with Aire de Santa Fe, Santa Fe Health Minister Andrea Uboldi confirmed that the tests at the Cemar laboratory in Rosario and at the Malbrán Institute tested positive for the disease. "The evolution of the patient is good and at present required hospitalization. In this case, a national alert was displayed and We relate the situation of people who have contact with this patient"Said the minister.

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In a province, cold was practically started 20 years ago, except for some isolated case and with a history of travel, but the reactivation of a disease in Southeast Asia, Europe and a good part of the US continent It generates new cases.

With the present case, There are four confirmed cases that report up to and including 2019 in Argentina. The previous three have been imported and the contemporary is investigated.

The Russian tourist promotes a person in Montevideo, a woman you traveled in the same boat as the Russian tourist.

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