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A doctor helped a motorcycle who had forbidden them and then crashed – 04/14/2019

One medical helped in motorcycles that he had just stuck, they were injured when fleeing from the police San Miguel de Tucumán. Before transferring to the hospital, he did not report it.

Cecilia Ramos, the doctor, was offered at the door of her house. They took off his pants and left. But a few meters away, a police patrol of Tucumán got passages with the thief. One of the strikes was arrested and the other arrested he was injured on a ground, severely wound with the back.

"When I arrive, I see that it is just the person you & # 39; t trust me, because my pants were on par. I bowed down to help him", he told Tucumán's Ten Church.

Ramos said that many people knew to "go around and handle". But they considered "insecurity generates a lot of mixed feelings" to & quot;, thief threw herself.

"The worst thing was that to do with the ambulance, the detainee did not ask me to make the report, and I told him I was going to do it. Then he told me he knew where & # 39; it is not, I felt scared"He said.

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"I do not think so I don't think a doctor didn't do it, like angry he is. I think we all want to do it, I don't think I'm the exception in that sense. For that we are trained to help you helps"Tell the doctor.

"I am Catholic, I believe in second chances and I am not one to direct," he said.

"People try to steal their sister," she came up and said, "I work and study," and one person stigmatizes people, and not just people, but all people of a certain condition. is a thief in your house, they are already. I'm afraid of them. God always gives another chance"closed the doctor.

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