Monday , October 25 2021

"46% of the money that was lost in the last IMF lease"


The economic recession in which the country is duplicated, does not give a reception: "Closure or factories, alternatives, tension between the Union and the government, without control inflation and social inability." It seems that a combination is difficult to resolve for the rule and remains with a small hope for economic analysts, warn that we are in a "big crisis".

"The G-20 will be no banks on Friday, not only in the city of Buenos Aires but the whole country. This was decided by the Central Bank. I do not know why the bank association over the whole country has done this problem. Most worrying fact is that SanCor knows it's another plant in Bahía Blanca, "said economist David Cufré, at the beginning of the radio program of Gustavo Sylvestre.

And he said: "The sale of cars is 46% in November and says it is the strongest autumn of 2002. The writings were 41%. We are in a great crisis. The financial concerns in this crisis, because it is a manifestation. The dollar fifty cent, but The worst thing is that the national risk has increased and higher than 700 points. It is expected that after the second agreement with the IMF, we must be 300 points. "

Although the hopes of Mauricio Macri's economic team in # 39; The wheelchair, which sought to make the final loan that came from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), they indicated that it was not enough. "Yesterday expected the reserves of the Central Bank USD 153M. 46% of the money that came to the last IMF was already lost. We are in a countdown, "they saw.

After the rising appeal of the dollar on Monday, the US currency was dropped and saw $ 39.63 at the banks of banks and switching homes in # 39; the city of Buenos Aires, which puts a strike of five consequences in recent days. The fall of foreign currency was in & # 39; It was the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the dollar was 50 cent and remained at $ 38.55.

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