Thursday , June 24 2021

& # 39; Flower Dog & # 39; in & nbsp; damages from & # 39; panting the earth

The only total moonlight of 2019 will be found on Sunday as the shadow of & # 39; s earth falls on & # 39; a month, it runs in a red-orange "flowerfin".

The full phase of the eclipse will be visible from the Western Hemisphere, Europe and the western part of Africa, also from northern Russia. Keep in mind that good heatstreams have a potential drama that is a potential audience of about 2.8 billion people.

The best conception will be in North America, making the eclipse high in the midnight night with 9.36 hours of Eastern Standard Time (1336 Monday AEDT).

It will be the first time in more than three years that most of North America can see a total monthly climate, according to NASA.

People in the eastern side of North America will have the best view, but it will be visible from & # 39; The coast to the coast, and the sustainability will be longer than usual – just over one hour.

Europe's specials will see the eclipse empty in the western sky as the month in & # 39; come a month at the morning. Monthly residents in Central East Europe will see the month for & # 39; it's completely free from & # 39; s damaged.

The name "flower moon" comes from the reddish-orange color that the month in & # 39; take a back. The color changes, because small molecules representing the Earth's atmosphere represent blue light when the sun is passing through, draws most red light that is bending, or breaking out, in & # 39; an earth's damage.

As a bonus, the sclip will be Sunday in "supermoon" when it is near the earth in its orbit and is therefore higher and higher.

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