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2019: elections in Córdoba province

There were elections this Sunday 127 locations of the interior of the province of Cordoba. Of the total, in 14 there was a single list, so it was not necessary to go to the pollen. There were 86 municipalities and 41 municipalities that elected governors. Cities & Locations that've decided to train from the government's discussion, that's being held on May 12.

It was a strategy of inks and communal leaders radical and macrisas, that in the middle of & # 39; an internal change, decided to divide from a provincial struggle. For this reason and in & # 39; middle of & # 39; The provincial election meeting followed the various parties in discussions about what happened in 15 cities (of more than 10 thousand inhabitants).

As a first conclusion, the PJ remained its good harvest: it lost only one of the villages it played, and he got 28.

At & gt; & # 39; e UCR saw their satisfaction triumphing in 80 cities, cities and municipalities.

Villa Allende

In the case of Villa Allende, the triumph went to Eduardo "el Gato" Romero, from Cambiemos. There the ex-golfer was led by Mario Negri and Héctor Baldassi.

While in Pilar, the radical Leopoldo Grumstrup was left with the triumph (there were Diego Bechis, who's in prison).

On the other side, in Mendiolaza, the radical Daniel Salibi triumphed, through a few voices.

In Saldán, where he was the candidate for vice-holder for Haciendo por Córdoba, Manuel Calvo, the PJ got a big triumph.

The most exceptional results

Alcira Gigena

Fernando Gramaglia, from the UCR, was re-elected.

Arroyo Cabral

Pablo Alcalino renamed UCR.


The PJ won: Miguel Méndez prevented and continued a farm after radicalism.


The radical Fredy Decarlini won the quartermaster.


Juan Luppi, from Unión Vecinal, defeated and resigned as mayor.

Camilo Aldao

He was changed to Carlos Carignano, from the UCR.

West Calchín

Néstor Bossio, from UCR, won.

Capilla del Monte

Fabricio Diaz, from "PJ's", won Gabriela Negri, sister of Mario Negri, and is the new mayor.


Daniel Tapero, from the UCR, was re-elected.


Enrique Mendez Paz, from Unión por Córdoba.


Luis Poloni, from the UCR, holds the position.

Juarez Celman Station

The current innovator, the radical Miriam Prunotto, won and won the position.

Estancia Vieja

Adolfo PArizzia won, from the UCR.

General Cabrera

The radical Marcos Carasso has re-elected at & # 39;

General Fotheringham

The current mayor, Daniel Stobbia, of Unión por Córdoba, lost. Mario Moreno triumphed, with the rally.

Huinca Renancó

Oscar Saliba, from the UCR, won the quartermaster.


The historic Humberto Negro, from PJ's, won a new triumph.


Julieta Aquino won, from Unión por Córdoba.


Javier Riberi won, from the UCR.

The cross

Mauricio Jaimez, from & # 39; s UCR, triumphed.

The Lagoon

Julio Castellanos, fan UCR.

La Paisanita

Ignacio Sala, of Cambiemos won and was elected again.


Cristian Portesio won, from the UCR.

The door

Fernando Brasca, from the UCR, was re-elected.

The Condors

He became famous Diego Blengino, from Cambodia.

The Wells

Claudio Tripiana, from "UCR" won.

The Vertientes

Miguel Melano, from & # 39; s UCR, won in & # 39; a southern city.


Edgardo Girotti, of Union for Cordoba, remained with the triumph.

Malvinas Argentinas

Gastón Mazzalay (UPC) beat Silvina González (UCR), who controlled it.


Daniel Salibi, from the UCR, was renamed by a narrow margin.

Monte Buey

Edwin Riva, from the UCR, beat Pablo Massei (son of Carlos Massei), from & # 39; e PJ.


The radical Jose Bría retains the intensity.

Bishop Trejo

Silbia Mansilla won, from UPC, beat Rubén Foletto, from "UCR" (current mayor).


The radical Leopoldo Grumstrup is the new mayor (Diego Bechis was far).

Well New

Gladys Espíndola won, from the UCR.

Pozo del Molle

Jorge Roland, from the Union by Cordova, intended Carlos Salvático, from & # 39; e UCR.

Italian Town

Daniel Gergolet, from the UCR, won the elections.


Mabel Godoy won the PJ and took the municipality from the UCR.

River of Meadow

Fabián Gigena, from the UCR, was re-elected.

First River

Cristina Cravero won from Unión por Córdoba (controlled UCR).


Cayetano Canto, from Unión por Córdoba, was re-elected by a wide margin.


Daniel Garnero, from & # 39; s UCR, won in & # 39; e local elections.

Santa María de Punilla

Dardo Zanotti, from the UCR, holds the quarter master.


José Figueroa won, from the UCR.

Saturnino María Laspiur

Fernando Coassolo, of Laspiur Unidos (a ward union), was re-elected.


Oscar Lauret, from the UCR, retains the intensity.


Luis Gasparolo, from the UCR, remained with the victory.


He won Ariel Moreyra, from Hacemos in Cordoba.

Villa Allende

Eduardo "Gato" Romero was recruited.

Villa del Rosario

Ricardo Manera, from the UCR, holds the quarter master.

Villa Giardino

Omar Ferreyra, of Cambiemos, won and became world.

Villa Parque Siquiman

The radical Néstor Cuello continued to recover.

Villa Santa Rosa

Won Kieffer, from Somos Santa Rosa

Villa de Soto

Fernando Luna, of radicalism, was dismissed.

Villa San Isidro

Claudio Peña, from Hacemos por Córdoba (the city was managed by the UCR).

Villa Tulumba

Sebastián Peralta, from the UCR, won the quartermaster.


In Las Bajadas, Los Reartes, Lutti, La Batea, Las Cañadas, Olivares de San Nicolás, Cañada de Machado, Comechingones, Las Gramillas, Machine Gallini, and Colonia Las Pichanas the UCR triumph (in some there was a unique list) .

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