Thursday , April 22 2021

184 new patients with HIV in Misiones in all 2018 | Chronicle

Some 184 new patients with HIV AIDS were registered in Misiones in 2018, of which 115 are men and 69 women, report on Tuesday the provincial health ministry.

These figures have been reached after the execution of 2,568 HIV prevention tests, in the last year and via the Provincial Program of HIV / AIDS, STD (Sexually Prohibited Disease) and Viral Hepatitis.

The program depends on a Social Secretary and tests to make fresh diagnosis, access, work shops, and awareness.

Testing is a fast, free and confidential method, consisting of a dot in & quot; a & quot; fingers, where & # 39; t is a drop of blood and after a few minutes you can get the result.

"The tests are always simpler: we have fast keys that are & # 39; t t reactive, that is & # 39; t test as a pregnancy", said the program manager, María Andrea Silvero Gallardo.

"A drop of blood is placed on the plaster and 10 to 20 minutes are expected", the doctor stayed, "that gives a reactive and non-reactive result, if it is not reactive, it is negative for the disease and if it is reactive what is done are more profound studies to confirm"he explained.

"All those people know they were in a sexual risk situation, the test should take every month for control"said Gallardo.

The program's teams are campaigning for HIV-AIDS prevention by providing brochures and condoms to popular parties and massacres of humans, such as carnival, music festivals or Estudiantina.

How the condomint is, were processed 207,440 units last year.

In that line, Gallardo approached that "The use of condoms remains the only barrier supporter for the non-transmission of all sexually transmitted diseases, and the continued and well-used use of condoms has demonstrated the reduction of all transmissions, such as HIV.", the professionals closed.

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