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Within the Emergency Crisis: Why light up the lights

Skilled quality coal, Medupi and Kusile's exploits, unplanned reparations are just some of the crises that add to # 39;

A large court closes to suppliers who escaped the assault for shameful labor on Kusile and Medupi forces, which contributed to the last week's losses.

In seals, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa, there are two senior escrow engineers told City Press have contributed to as much as 1 000 megawatts of generational capacity of this power.

They say that the designs that Medupi and Kusile are influenced are all combined with a combined R345 billion – all related to the work of Japanese multinationals, and lead to three operational units of Medupi, or her or a part of her outcome.

Last week, one of 12 major and most important power stations in South Africa, according to an internal escrow document by City Press & # 39; sister publication was reported, report.

Exploitation plant utilization on old stations gets catastrophic level with a record breaking 17 371MW – or 38% of & nbsp; the total generation capacity of Eskom – offline.

Two kitchens units, the 2 149MW of power delivered to the grid, are now on "reserve storage" – what effectively means they are mothballed.

Nine was closed down for "economic reasons" and two had to be set for failures that can not be directly identified, said Eskom.

In recent years, this has been a great deal of capabilities in February 2015, when 15 500MW offline and a national "electricity" was declared.

The internal escrow document states that a fourth of Total Generation Capacity is offline on Wednesday, to be non-planar maintenance and repairs.

A further 10% was not available due to scheduled reparations.


At a media briefing in last week, Eskom chairman Jabu Mabuza said that all South Africa had to be responsible for the last crisis.

"All through our people or our government … but there are problems that we have all caused. There is a role that we all have to play, shareholders, capital companies, employees, clients. The choice of pain, we have to go ahead, to try to put us back in a sustainable way, "he said.

Mabuza has been a storage of frustrated South Africa, refused to accept that they had some years of mismanagement and awareness of the maintenance of electricity.

At the same britkant said the public minister-president Pravin Gordhan that Eskom makes her almighty to conquer electricity over the festive season.

But the internal escrow document indicates that, while many of the issues with December can be established, it may take 20 January 20 to make the necessary repairs.


Two senior technical sources at Eskom have recorded the last week the next week that the temperature control system at Medupi cameras manages that the "high" high steam heat controls between the boiler and the turbine power supply product makes.

This leads to overheating, thereby creating a whole unit and allowing a 480MW to lose the system, said one.

Eskom should now give more and more "fire" and set Medupi to prevent it from being persecuted.

Another great design case at Medupi – and, by extension, at the same Kusile – is the silver filter intended to capture fine oats in the stomach from & nbsp; the smoking smokestacks.

"It's just not really effective," said the source.

"It does not suffice enough, and then breaks it, which leads to high moments of eyelashes thrown out of the station, the escalating infringement of free charges, there extinct limitations.

"This will also allow Eskom to delete dialogue to Medupi while capturing the filter."

The third problem is the less commonly used in a fine puol before it is burned. Each of the 480MW units has a set of less, the size of the feed, but they are very quick, said the source.

This leads to the unit that is regularly terminated so that the re-edited parts can be replaced.

While all new force cities are often repaired, these deficiencies in Medupi and Kusile are far greater than usual, says the source.

"Medupi's three operational units must produce 2 150 MW (about 5% of total total capacity of 47,000MW), in short, we have lost 1.000 MW, which is the extreme case.

"I do not know what it's about to improve, but it will be expensive."

Mrs. Hauptmann's chief executive, Jan Oberholzer, said that the loss of mediocrity at Medupi and Kusile was "not very much," and the question now was to pay off to limit her.

Another engineer says R1.5 billion Eskom recently offered to confirm the design problem Medupi and Kusile "will not save it all" and will be used while Eskom will fight its contracts to pay them to pay.

"A big court has come," he said.


Gordhan has told last week that congestion surveys show that mediator's original mediator at Medupi will do a "job of men".

He named Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa three times in the course of the briefing.

"There will be consequences for less expensive work and extra costs," said Gordhan.

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa, as its BEE partner, has the ANC's investment, Chancellor House Holdings.

A spokesperson for the business, Nicolas Meyer, told City Press on Saturday that it had a policy "not to comment on these kinds of problems".

Eskom headquarters Phakamani Hadebe said that the cost of building Medupi was three of the original treasures and that there was also evidence of collapse by Eskom employees to reduce costs.

Medupi, located in Limpopo, has previously made plans with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa on shock welding on its gigantic cushions, and also has an apparent ability between components that have been supplied by various suppliers.

Eskom has begun to deliver both Medupi and Kusile with fundamental problems that the country will learn the full advantage of their defining capacity of 4 800MW when they are completed.

With the rest of Eskom's airport's aging camps suffered losses, Medupi and Kusile were intended to cover the land from # 39; to attract electricity.

But now Eskom estimates that it takes up to five years to limit them.

A senior escrow engineer told City Press that determining one unit would also mean that it is offline for months.


The addition of a power shortage is escalating to supply enough diesel to supply its need-peaking plants too much.

Another problem is that the transmissal between South Africa and Mozambique's Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam is a problem.

Deon Reyneke, the deputy general secretary of solidarity solidarity, also speaks of a lack of basic maintenance on electricity.

This includes the absence of a good control of oil and pressure levels that may occur if they come high, automatically preventing the stations to prevent them from occurring.

Independent power station expert Ted Blom says that even more problems are caused by poor quality club.

For example, on the Power Plant in Mpumalanga, a total 380MW unit had to be closed to remove knockers from the boiler.

"Clinker shapes form as the aluminum feeling of a bowl is too high," said Blom.

"It melts and takes you to the boiler's edge. It should be closed with a hammer, but the tubes that contain 'copper' are very sensitive."

The unit must be completed completely for repair, to make sure the picker is very tired. It may take a few days for the boiler to lean enough, so the clinker can be removed.


Escaping is money to serve his guilt.

In recent financial results that reached six months to September, Eskom reported to pay R45 billion to pay loans and interests while lending a new R34 billion to its cash level to keep.

Municipalities give Eskom at least R27 billion in unpaid electricity, while residents of Soweto have a debt of R15 billion by the power program.

Eskom is now lobbying for a R100 billion Rada loan to raise its R420 billion debt burden.

It is not clear what form this can take, and Gordhan says last week that there will be a new update.

According to the latest application of the power force for a 15% discount in October, the maintenance cost for 2018/19 is R16.5 billion.

When the current Eskom leader was appointed this year, they saw their first plan to convince the public international bank (PIC), South Africa's Development Bank and Industrial Development to resume R100 billion Existing escrow rates in parts.

This semi-privatization was a long shot to make it difficult for the PIC to advertise bonds with defined tax payments and returns for fraudulent shareholders and no percentage of dividends at any time.

The profit of the six months amounted to R921 million, compared to R8.8 billion in & # 39; the same six months last year.

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