Saturday , July 24 2021

Why Meghan Markle pulled last minute out of the VAX Live concert

VAX Live’s concert audience will not see Meghan Markle in person at the pre-recorded show

Meghan Markle did not attend the VAX Live concert on Sunday despite being promised, with Prince Harry for a breathtaking performance at the fundraiser alone.

The Global Citizen’s Vax Live: The concert to reunite the world audience will not see the Duchess, of which she is co-chair, in person at the pre-recorded show.

This is because Meghan, who skipped Prince Philip’s funeral last month, is pregnant with her second child.

With COVID around, it’s very possible that they do not want to risk themselves, like the life of their baby.

It is unclear whether Meghan and Harry have yet to receive their COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile, it is safe for pregnant women, like Meghan, to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they choose, according to the GGD.

Although their expiration date has not yet been revealed, is a Page Six report claimed she will go on maternity leave at the end of May.

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