Friday , April 23 2021

WhatsApp: App not working as chats on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has made use of, so you can't call people.

The problems were achieved worldwide, according to the Down Detector website, and on various platforms including iPhone and Android.

Failed to send messages and the app would not load, according to the users used.

The issues weren't only influenced by all users of the & # 39; site, but some you & # 39; an app and their desktops and web versions.

WhatsApp does not hold a status website to check the availability of its platform or when you & # 39; t set it up.

Although it has a public expectation of Twitter, it has not posted mail since 2016 and often does not use end users. It also has an official "WhatsApp Status" account that once tweets about issues and if they are determined, but that hasn't tweeted since 2014 – despite a series of high-profile extensions since that time.

Although WhatsApp is relatively rare, even the shortest run can find millions of people. Some issues have also occurred at unpleasant moments, as the service broke in the midst of new year celebrations.

The problems come in a hard time for the platform, which is fighting to omit hoaxes and shame from "hats".

It has recently limited the number of people who can delete messages, for example, keep them on five in the hope that stopping jams will stop.

The Facebook service also has questions about its direction, with its founder that the company has released in suggestions that the decision can send a change in strategy that brings it more into line with their owners will.

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