Friday , May 7 2021

WATCH: Cheslin Kolbe's strange solo visit

Cape Town – Spring boulevard Cheslin Kolbe made titles for his French club Toulouse in European Championship Cup in # 39; the weekend.

Toulouse beat the English club Wasps 24-16 in Coventry and it was Kolbe made his side on board with a superb sololo in # 39; 14 minutes.

The quick stopper has hit three lines on a whole line before he jumped to the corner.

The 25-year-old, in 2018 the seven tests for the box played played in 2018, is also intensively with its cadence skills in # 39.

Four-tale championships Toulouse are immersed in Pool 1 of the European Championship Cup 2018/19 with three winnings of three crews.

HORLOAZJE Pilot's helicopter in video clip below:

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