Tuesday , November 30 2021

Vlakfontein murder has moved to another courtroom by drawing ability


Ernest Mabaso (27) and Fifita Khupe (61) in Lenasia's court. Image: Itumeleng English / African News Agency (ANA)

JOHNESBURG – The debt of Ernest Mabaso and Fita Khupe, who killed all seven members of the same family in Vlakfontein, was transferred to the Court of Protea Magistrate.

The court Lenasia Magistrate will continue the case on Thursday after several hours without electricity.

Mabaso, 27, and Khupe, 61, were expected to buy opportunities on seven counts of murder and stumbling on Wednesday.

Mabassa also looks like three additional tax exemptions.

"I am connected to what the law says that a lower court can not ask for a period of seven days, so we have to surrender the case to the court of 'Protea Magistrate for Thursday', Magistrate Maggie van der Merger told the court.

"We have to take into account everything, it's not possible to write everything, we have no electricity."

On October 29, the neighboring police have included a violent fragrance from Khoza's family home in Vlakfontein, south of Johannesburg. The police broke down the door and made the rough discovery.

Seven bodies had hidden with arrows of sand on the floor. There were blood vessels on the wall.

In the previous previous phenomenon, Mabaso asked the court if he could move him from & # 39; The central police authority of Johannesburg, because he had been charged with his co-accusation, was held on Johannesburg's correcting villa, called Sun City. He was moved to Krugersdorp.

"The problem is that of security, your worship, saying he accuses both of them being threatened and he is human, the two accused," said the lawyer Mabaso in court & # 39; they have appeared earlier this month.

Mabaso had previously indicated that he would leave his application for cafe. He decided to send a formal letter later, however, to the case that it was suspended.

Municipalities of Vlakfontein gathered outside the court to protest against kalepling.

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