Tuesday , August 3 2021

Tomorrow weather: Severe thunderstorms in KZN

The South African Water Service has made a watch for heavy thunderstorms over the northwestern parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

It will look nice and warm Gauteng, is partly cloudy with isolated and overnight thunderbirds.

The expected UVB-sunburn index is moderated.

There will be called in places in the empty area of MpumalangaOtherwise, it will be cloudy and cool to heat with isolated mid-day angles, except in low field areas.

Limpopo will be good and warm to heal, are partly cloudy with isolated medieval towers in the whole south.

In the North West It will only be found in the northeastern eastern side, other than cloudy and warm with isolated afternoon thunderstorms.

De Free State While in the south it will be cloudy where there are meat plates, it will get something to fetch and cool, but warm in the north.

Isolated thunder corners are expected, except in the south and extreme.

It will be cool in the extreme west and south of & # 39; e Northern CapeOtherwise it will be beautiful and warm, but partly cloudy in the north-east and south.

The wind along the coast will be fresh to strong south-east to south.

In the Western Cape It is cloudy over the south coast with isolated light moments, other than cloudy and cold, but find and warm to the west coast.

The wind along the coast will be moderated to fresh south to south-eastern, more south-western winding along the southwestern south-east coast.

The expected UVB sunburn index is high.

It will be cloudy and cold in & # 39; t Eastern Cape, are cloudy along the coast and north-eastern interior with isolated light villages and rain.

The wind along the coast will be moderated to fresh southwest, but south-east in the east in the afternoon.

It will be somewhat cloudy and cool, but cloudy with isolated dunes and rain.

The wind along the coast will be moderate until fresh southwest.

In KwaZulu-Natal It will be cloudy and cool, but cold in the southwest.

Enlightened medieval towers are expected.

The wind along the coast will be moderated to the south-west to south.

The anticipated UVB sunburn index is empty.

Temperatures in your city:


14 ° C / 27 ° C


13 ° C / 25 ° C


15 ° C / 29 ° C


13 ° C / 28 ° C


17 ° C / 27 ° C


9 ° C / 24 ° C


8 ° C / 26 ° C


9 ° C / 25 ° C

Cape Town

12 ° C / 20 ° C


11 ° C / 17 ° C

Port Elizabeth

15 ° C / 22 ° C

East London

14 ° C / 22 ° C


16 ° C / 21 ° C

Richards Bay

19 ° C / 24 ° C


11 ° C / 19 ° C

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