Wednesday , June 7 2023

The WhatsApp sticker will be upgraded thanks to the new service.


The WhatsApp sticker is great, but it's a bit limited because there is not a huge selection available. Stickerpop thinks that people have a market to buy stickers but have solved the problem.

This app also provides some features that WhatsApp does not yet provide. For example, you can search for a sticker that will soon be delivered to your messaging app, but you're testing it before it's released.

Another feature not provided by WhatsApp is the ability to create stickers from the user's self. After taking a self-portrait, cut out the face and remove the background.

Many stickers are free, but some are payable.
Many stickers are free, but some are payable.

Use AI to get the best results. I'm not sure if I can use the front-facing depth camera on iPhone to solve this problem, but the results are okay. If you have a "big head" you can get strange results.

WhatsApp as well as the service can attach stickers to iMessages and Facebook Messenger. The WhatsApp feature is coming soon, but we were not able to use it when we tested the app. Maybe an update is expected.

There is also a strange option to print real stickers from favorites. Perhaps you can appeal to your own cell phone by connecting to your phone or tablet.

Search for stickers and add to WhatsApp

We looked at the application to find out what was provided, and it was actually amazingly good. The search results show that high-quality stickers have been appropriately selected and many of them are free. The company says that about 50% do not have pennies.

The biggest problem is that the app is not available on your Android device at this time. Only iPhone users can use the app.

Another disadvantage is that some stickers require payment. Your app offers $ 2.49 per week, $ 5.99 per month, or $ 39.99 per year. It seems that the free function is worth giving it a try.

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