Tuesday , June 6 2023

Springbok needs to change things.


Teddy Thomas was tackled Malcolm Marx on Saturday at Stade de France.
Scotland's old rugby was as harsh and poor as the weather in the deepest Highlands. They were always a progressive team who tried and polished margins as little as possible. But like the big cities, Cosmopolitan Edinburgh seems to be stylish and sleek as it is now in the style of Thistles.

Through their evolution, they were influenced by a little kiwi in the form of Vern Cotter and taught new techniques and training on the raft. The new Scottish team is a nip and a zipper team, not a team to pitch lightly anymore.

However, Springboks's trip to the Northern Hemisphere has not been much weakened until now, and it has won close to the chain. Britain pulled out a hammer in Twickenham. France pulled a sled with a hammer to knock out Boston, but it will be the scalpel of a surgeon in Edinburgh.

We can admit that South Africans tried not to give up their bodies if we surveyed where the rugby came from when Scotland was a total battle of some easy victories and forwards. It is still ahead of the world-renowned steak.

Regardless of the size or aggressiveness of the opposition party, there is little time for Boks to fly away with pure power and physical assault. This would have left the South Africans in a way of thinking in times of trouble.

Bok has tried to add more skills, sensations, and exciting attacks to his repertoire, but there is no doubt. It is not to say that South Africans do not have the skills or talent to step in a free rugby battle. There is still no game plan yet.

Coach Rassie Erasmus is well prepared for this week in Scotland. They are the right chance to show that they can double the size of the game to make the home side totally troubling in the game, or to implement a soft and smooth game of rugby when they decide.

England's tactics were to try big boys and tightly knit ones. And they fit well with Malcolm Marx and Duane Vermeulen not having an inch. For France, it was a full-scale heavyweight war, and it was still rejected.

But will this frontal approach be appropriate when battles are not given to them in trenches? Scotland will be happy to find space, look for off-roads, cross 50 lines and cross more lines than France and England combined. So when Boks writes his head with dirty things, he can miss many things. behavior.

On the other hand, an old saying says that everything happens in advance. So the bullying strategy can even ease Scotland before it goes to Scotland.

But Boks is still looking for a groove ahead of the World Cup, but they must show another string with a bow and a Scottish team to win a different game plan than the first two games and hopefully get better results .

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