Sunday , May 16 2021

Skeel can clean your & # 39; risk

If you are a dumb type, you are more likely to suffer from "hooking"

If you are a dubious type of person, you are more likely to be "heart" – a good luck – if you are a friend of friends, learns a new study.

The study showed that, among the participants, drink about six units of alcohol a small scale increase in very shady people. But the next day, this small relationship was replaced by a significant increase in fear – a state of handicapping & # 39; under the barriers.

The research team also found a strong link between this "brain" and higher scores on the AUDIT test, used to identify alcohol (AUD) in extremely shady people.

"We know that many people drink to be ratified in social situations, but this study has the consequences that the effects of the next day can be reversed, with more shocking people who try to trick more, sometimes fail , aspect of clothing, is co-author Celia Morgan, professor at 'University of Exeter.

"These findings also indicate that" shyness "in the question would be with the ability of people to develop a problem with alcohol," adds Morgan.

For the study, published in the magazine Personalities and Individual Awareness, the team analyzed nearly 100 socialist drugs with both high or low levels of damage.

The baseline measures of shock, social phobia and AUD were taken, and the angst level was again given to the next morning testing.

"It's about accepting swirling or an interpreting, which may be that people can benefit from the transition from heavy alcohol." It is a positive trait.


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