Saturday , January 22 2022

SA receives another frozen as S & P retains credit level unlimited


It also said that "The new government seeks a series of economic reforms that need to support the 2019 economy, despite structural obstacles, chronic skills and high unemployment."

After the session budget of mid-term (MTBPS) in October, S & P said SA sent the good signals, although there were risks.

Investing in employment and employment, besides the economic stimulus plan, was in good direction, but the levy of fiscal consolidation and the shortage of clarity on land property was worried, sovereign as director Ravi Bhatia said at that time, S & P lead to the national juggling of the country.

S & P was the first of three major rating agencies to respond when former president Jacob Zuma respected prosecutor Pravin Gordhan in a surprise cabinet on March 31, 2017. S & P closed SA & # 39; 39; s foreign currency bonds after junior status three days later. Fitch followed four days after S & P.

S & P lends SA local currency debt – making it for about 90% of government bonds – in investing class until November last year.

Both Fitch Ratings and Moody's Investors Service are still decisive.

Moody's announcement, however, did not announce in October, but published an unforgettable statement to the MTBPS, it mentions a negative credit, the renewal of the fear that the country has still disappeared by the last three major rating- agencies to sell them above the investment class.

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