Thursday , June 24 2021

Russia to return reserved month-to-month fortunate bikes without NASA finances

Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos Headdress Dmitry Rogozin said NASA RosCosmos asked to make a monthly version of a Soyuz spacecraft as a spare manned space transportation system for the moon.

A senior Russian spatial industrial resource told Sputnik that Moscow is going to develop a well-deserved version of Soyuz at its own expense, and no NASA funding is expected.

"NASA will not pay, it is planned to carry out all operations at its own expense," said the source.

To provide the capability of a Soyuz space vacation to get the ship too fast after the month, a saving unit and a new thermal protection to deliver the ship for the atmosphere of & # 39; returning the earth to the second cosmic speed (11.2 kilometers per second or 6.95 kilometers per second) is needed.

The monthly version of Soyuz will also need new special numbers, means of communication and life-style systems.

Documents of Russian spacecraft manufacturer RSC Energy available to Sputnik show that installation of star sensors, manual control devices, evaporative system, additional engines and oxygen cylinders are necessary to ensure the spacecraft flight to the moon.

In 2017, former head of RSC Energia, Vladimir Solntsev, said that several people tried to fly the company to a month and were ready to pay 120 million euros for a label. He named a flight in 2021-2022. In this case, the modernization of & quot; Soyuz & quot; Need a month $ 500 million.

At the end of June, Rogozin has said that people are fleeing to the month of the "Soyuz space vacation" possible, while the development of & # 39; a new ready-made factory is being completed. The development of a new space plant that has been specifically designed for flights after the month has started since 2009.

On January 17, Rogozin promoted RSC Energia's new space delivery and expanded the Soyuz spacecraft to the moon.

In addition, he says Roskosmos expects new new negotiating positions with NASA at the north-month station in connection with the start of upgrading the Soyuz spacecraft for flying to the moon.

NASA is not responding to Sputnik's question whether it really turned to Russia with a proposal to create a reserved crew space. Roskosmos could not be revised at Sputnik's request about the sources of the financing of the project.

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