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Polio drives start in 12 districts starting tomorrow


Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are still suffering from disabilities.




More than 7 million children will be vaccinated during the polio eradication campaign, which will begin in 12 sensitive areas on Monday (tomorrow).

It was announced to end preparations for driving at a Saturday meeting hosted by Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid. In addition, more than 18,000 teams from the Ministry of Health were found to participate in the visit campaign.

Sensitive areas include Lahore, Sheikh Pura, Bahawalpur, Deragazi Khan, Multan, Mujapargarh, Rajapur, Rahimiyakan, Raya, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Artk.

The positive response of the environmental samples of Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rawalpindi to poliovirus was of great interest to all stakeholders. We have decided to expedite polio eradication in some areas. "

She urged her parents to be vaccinated during the five – day campaign. "We have to take it several times to eradicate polio," said Rashid. "Parents who do not guarantee their children get vaccinated are life threatening for all children."

No cases of polio were reported in 2016. However, the children of Lodhran, four months of age in 2017, were positive for polio. Currently, Punjab continues to eradicate polio due to frequent eradication efforts in the poorest areas. Worldwide, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are still three countries with serious diseases.

Punjab Health Director Munir Ahmed highlighted the need for children to be vaccinated in all campaigns. "As long as the virus is detected somewhere in the country, no children are safe," he said.

He emphasized the need to report proposals and complaints. Ahmed is now repeating a seasonal commitment to prevent transmission of viruses and has confirmed to citizens that the polio vaccine is safe and effective and approved by government drug regulators.

Deputy Mudassar Riaz began polio eradication for three days by dropping a child at Shahbaz Sharif Hospital on Saturday.

Driving officially begins on November 12 (tomorrow). During the campaign, he said, 40 million children in 66 trade union councils will be vaccinated. The vice-minister asserted that 1,100 teams of health authorities would provide drops to households through the door to children under the age of five.

Strict strategies are adopted for parents who refuse to immunize their children. He added that all public hospitals are providing medicines without discrimination, adding that there is no drug shortage.

He said senior consultant visiting services are starting at hospitals in the evening. Health CEO Dr. Munawar Hassan briefed the deputy director.

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