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NYC Social Commissioner Oxiris Barbot warns about & # 39; Measlesparty & # 39 ;: why & # 39; t experimental object exposure to infection organ is followed

Everyone puts children on the mesh virus in a trend known as "Christmas parties" in New York City. The goal is to get the children to develop mears to counteract the disease. ( Esi Grünhagen | Pixabay )

New York City health experts warn parents of participating in a dangerous trend that has today's population: musical parties.

Measles parties are meetings there to put out parents of their unborn children together so that they can check the disease. It's the last battle to & # 39; the city you & # 39; t already in & # 39; a public health company has been declared by the mesh outbreak.

As CBS News News, the factual logic behind these parties is based on the way the immune system works: by building permanent immunity to & # 39; a disease once the persons are infected.

"I know parents can be afraid to get their children off in a vacation, but as a pedagogue writer I know that vaccination is as much as measured," says NYC Department of Health Commissioner. Oxiris Barbot. "The vaccine has been proven safe and effective for preventing the width of mothers for decades and we have proven."

Of course, in a mock infection, people are immediately immune. First they get sick, which can also be very dangerous and even deadly to the infected children.

What if children are present at any of the measurements?

When children get the entire contact virus, they have high fever, cough, running nose, watery red eyes, and spotlights in the mouth. Within the days, results start to spread across the body.

At least from the least, the patients cause more accurate discomfort or conditions such as diarrhea and ear infections, but there are some potential complications that are very serious.

According to the CDC, one in 20 children with mouths develop pneumonia, which is the most common cause of mothers death in children. One of all 1,000 persons with mouths also gets sephalitis or swelling of one's brain, which can cause it and children can have deaf or with intellectual impairment.

A rare disease that can also be caused by mouths is subacute sclerosing pan esophalitis, a fatal illness of the central nervous system that usually arises seven to 10 years after a mock infection.

As a single, one or two out of every 1000 children with mouths die out of a disease.

Vaccines are less sensitive than getting sick

Scientists are developing faculties so that people can become immune without knowing the stress and making the dangers of sickness powerful. Vaccines work by inserting infections, so the immune system develops the immunity needed to fight the virus in & # 39; e future.

Impression MMR is safe and the best way to deal with the disease, according to the CDC. A single dose of this vaccine is approximately 93 percent effective in preventing barley and two doses are about 97 percent effective.

"To be as effective as preventing past-breaking diseases, we are more likely to forget that barley and other children's forces can be very serious," says Dr. Max Gomez, medical correspondent of CBS 2, in CBS. "Why would you clearly experiment with your children on mouths, which makes them feel comfortable, a high fever (which can lead to recommendation), risky dental health and other potentially serious complications if a simple vaccine can prevent it all?"

He adds that an infected person can send the disease to another person, which compromises the immune system. In an immunocompromised person, mouths can kill quickly.

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