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No more deviation! This brain-training app can stimulate attention, concentration

LONDON: A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge has developed a brain-training instruction that can concentrate on temporal disorders that people see in a connected world.

The team showed it to play & # 39; Decoder & # 39; on an iPad for 8 hours, over a month improved attention and concentration.

This form of attention activates a frontal parietal network in the brain, said researchers from the Behavioral and Clinical Institute in & # 39; e University of Cambridge.

"We have all felt like having a home-from-work home that we tried the next day, but not sure what we have," said Professor Barbara Sahakian of the Psychiatry Department.

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For complex tasks, we must & # 39; stream & # 39; come and stay focused, they added in & # 39; e study published in Frontiers magazine in Behavioral Neuroscience.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers researched 75 healthy young adults in three groups: one group received "Decoder", one control group played Bingo for the same time and a second control group no game.

All 75 users were tested at & # 39; e start of & # 39; a problem and then after four weeks.

The results show that those who played the "Decoder" were better than those who played the Bingo and did not play it "".

"The difference in performance was important and significant," he said, "it was similar to the effects seen with stimulants, such as methylphenidate, or nicotine."

To ensure that "Decoder" improves a concentrated attention and concentration, without the possibility of attention, the researchers are also investigating the capabilities of a "Trail Making Test".

The "Decoder" function has also improved on this usual used neuropsychological test of attention.

"In addition to healthy people, we hope that the game will benefit patients who are not receiving attention, including those with ADHD or traumatic head development. We plan to study traumatic brain-inflammatory patients this year," said Sahakian .

The game is now app app developer Peak.

Peak on Monday loses the game, as part of a Peak Brain Training app, on the Apple App Store for free. The Android version would come later this year.

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