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Microsoft wins the second console war


There is no friendly console cycle for Microsoft and the Xbox One. The problems of Microsoft started by the second that Xbox One back in 2013 – not only the company found a console that gave the gaming, but it also made a heavy hand to digital rights restriction You immediately received a lot of browsing. Although Microsoft responded to many of these controversial decisions for the start of the console, the damage was done.

Shortly after today and the Xbox One pulls behind the PS4 by some unknown – yet still significant – quantity. There seems to be a small hope that the Xboxes once on PS4 's in & # 39; It will get sale, and we can probably adjust to this initiative or the primary cause. Add to this a small lineup of exclusive games, and the Xbox One becomes even less appealing for mainstream consumers.

Although it was just a genuine generation Microsoft, I would try to find that the company has actually won the # 39 generation generation. the position in second place – in other things as life sales, of course. Microsoft seems to do more to put the gaming industry than Sony, maybe it knows it can not get it on PS4 and therefore is not necessary to make the value 39 & # 39; Only as Xbox One and no more.

I think one of the best examples of this is Microsoft's decision to put all of their first party exclusive games on PC. When Microsoft launched this new initiative, I let myself get to my head, to say that there was still less reason for someone who has a fixed play PC to buy an Xbox One. When a PC gamer decided to buy a console, Microsoft's move to put their exclusive Xbox One games on the platform meant that gamers could quickly buy a PS4.

Still, if it does not make a sense of a sense of a personal consumer console, it's great for PC gamers, or that they no longer buy a console console to play games like Forza Horizon 4 or Sea of ​​Thieves. It's pretty tasty to see the company's PC gaming, especially the position as Windows developers.

Another thing I think to help to put the gaming industry is Xbox Game Pass, and this is what I do not think would ever exist if Microsoft generated this generation directly from the port. Regulations, Xbox Game Pass offers a lot of goodwill for the money, and as hard as it is said, this is absolutely unique at this age of video games that are designed to save as much money from players .

For the worst it is a cheap way for gamers to fill the spaces between major permits, but I thought that for some, it's the first way they play on Xbox One. I'm really curious to see where 't Xbox Game Pass in the future goes, and I hope subscription services offer uploading downloads in & # 39; up the next generation and improve it there.

In fact, the Xbox Game Pass has already had an impact on & # 39; industry, such as Sony flickered the link in PlayStation Now game downloads in September. For that, PlayStation Now was just a streaming service, and I was unwilling to argue that it was not the competition of Game Pass, we had never seen this number PS Now.

Then we come to the device that meets this idea at home: the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Replaced and in the course of this year, the Xbox Adaptive Controller tab has been requested to create a variety of links or buttons and to map what function they want. With large built-in buttons and a fast design, it is intended to be a solution to gamers with a disability that prevent them from using a regular gamepad.

In short, I think this controller is great and Microsoft should be valued to spend time & resources in order to develop it. All that more people enjoy can enjoy gaming is a win in my book. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a good device and the gaming world is better for its existence, full stop.

Microsoft also seems to start launching the idea of ​​functionality in the countryside, especially at least in the context of this console cycle. Would you like more than Microsoft to have the top instead of Sony? Perhaps, and we can even say that it is probable that Microsoft's own resistance to the idea of ​​cross-play in the previous generation. This time, but Microsoft has gotten a lot more of cross-platform play, as one of its largest titles, Minecraft, is available on a variety of platforms outside the Xbox family.

What's different, is the reality that when Psjeix said it was ready to flip a few years back to the cross-platform multiplayer in Rocket League, Microsoft could just approve of the idea right away. Although the idea was to recreate a cross-play when the Xbox 360 was in its prime, it can not even be accused of the advent of this in the active console cycle.

Then we have Microsoft plans to create a future, namely device-agnostic game streaming. We do not have any details about when it's started, how it works, or how much it consumes consumers, but Microsoft's target or E3 2018 is included " console quality gaming on any device ". This is a great business venture, so much fun streaming is a fairly limited affair.

Of course, Sony deserves its kudos parts by moving the game streaming for PlayStation Now, which is one of the few examples of a successful streaming platform. PlayStation The support has however come from a number of platforms since launched. Last year, Sony has listened to the list of supported PlayStation Now platforms yesterday PlayStation 4 and PC, so the top source type is in the opposite direction of Microsoft.

In truth, what the Microsoft Flow Platform works is working is probably over and over, at least, there is no guarantee that it works really well at & # 39; The way in which it is upheld. Still, it is an example of Microsoft that the whole work is done with cloud computing and azure to make people more choices to play games, and even when the brand of playing is flowing is not really agile-to-work as the ultimate , this is a stimulating thing to see.

Wrap up

Sony deserves natural praise for everything that has already been done in this console generation. Some of Exclusive PlayStation 4 that we're in & # 39; In the past five years have seen gaming at a totally new level, and many of them can count on the best games of the whole generation.

Microsoft, however, can – perhaps because of the fact that the Xbox One always plays a fourth role for the PlayStation 4 – has made many things that have made less to gamble and more to more people in # 39; to bring the skin. Whether it is the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox Game Pass, or moving them to make Xbox exclusive on PC, they are all designed to make gaming more accessible for a large number of people. I'm not telling people to start an Xbox One on a PlayStation 4, but if all of these initiatives are included, they make sure the expected game between Sony and Microsoft decreases the generation.

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