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Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 10 version 1809 and promises quality changes.


Microsoft has resumed the release of Windows 10 version 1809. The re-release of the so-called October 2018 update is more than five weeks after the company brought the original installation files from the download server and stopped scheduled deliveries via Windows Update in a matter of days.

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According to a blog service article, John Cable, director of Windows service and delivery program management, resolved that despite thorough unexpected breaks, he had thoroughly investigated data-destroying bugs that led to unprecedented decisions and other quality problems. "

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This announcement also includes a re-release of Windows Server 20109 that was affected by the same issue. (My post ZDNet Colleague Mary Jo Foley provides a timeline of quality issues that affect both desktop and server versions of this version of Windows.)

The first step in re-launching is to restore the installation files to the Windows 10 download page so that the ISO file is available for "job seekers" (Microsoft terminology for advanced users who have gone out to install new versions of Windows). You can upgrade your PC.

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Installation files are also provided to commercial customers deployed through Windows Server Update Services and System Center Configuration Manager.

However, do not view this version from Windows Update yet. If you manually check for updates, a new release may be available, but the company says it plans a "slow measured release" that is deliberately misjudged before extending the update to a wider user base.

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The reissue does not change the major build number, update name in October 17763 or October 2018. However, the support clock will be restarted on November 13, 2018 with the official start date for the service schedule for the half-channel ("Targeted") release.

Customers running training and educational editions are expected to be supported by the new 30-month policy by April 2021. PCs running Windows 10 Pro can postpone feature updates within one year of declaring that this version is available from Microsoft. Maybe sometime in the beginning of 2019.


In a separate blog post, Michael Fortin, vice president of Windows, presented some background on the recent issues and announced changes to the way the company approaches communication and "process transparency."

This dense post, marked "the first in a series of in-depth explanations of what we are doing to deliver quality in the Windows release," is aware of issues related to the size and scale of the hardware ecosystem in which Windows is located. Heart of. The company announced earlier that Windows 10 is running on 700 million active devices each month. Today's post contains additional details that the ecosystem includes approximately 16 million unique hardware / driver combinations.

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As mentioned earlier, Microsoft's data-centric approach focuses on telemetry data that is received through each Windows 10 installation. Fortin confirms observations of the company's data dashboard. "We are keen on these metrics as we work to improve product quality, compare current quality levels with historical trends through a variety of quality indicators, and explore all the exceptions."

The most painful event described is that the overall quality has improved, but bugs with a small amount of impact have avoided detection. The known folder redirection bug affected hundreds of people, but the impact of Windows on public perception of quality was fatal.

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The October 2018 update was launched slowly and the next release of Windows 10, codenamed 19H1, was launched. Microsoft's changes to the feedback process are designed to make it easier for you to spot affected bugs before they are released, but changes over time will be enough.

Fortin's post contains a long description of Microsoft's testing policies. According to critics who say that the quality of Windows has been degraded by major changes in the testing process,

Windows 10 has shown a change in the way Windows develops, delivers, and updates itself. We call this "Windows service". In order to provide higher quality code from scratch, we delegated responsibility to the development team for testing basic functionality. We have also changed the focus of the team that is still reporting to me, who is responsible for validating to the end, and has added fundamentally new capabilities to our quality approach. Using data and feedback to better understand and focus our experience Our customers were using our products through real hardware and software combinations.


As we develop our capabilities, we can quickly detect and resolve problems using a variety of automated testing processes. We regularly strive to deal with the gaps in testing and often look for tests based on internal experience and insider issues. This automated test suite grows over time. The most basic functionality of this test is to eventually deliver functionality and code that is "integrated" into the major Windows builds that will be delivered to customers. In future blogs, I will explain in detail the extensive testing that you perform in-house, but it's safe to say that testing is a key part of delivering Windows.

It did not help prove last week's activation bug that last week's Windows 10 users suddenly lost their paid licenses in the midst of a separate crisis for version 1809. This problem was quickly resolved, but better communication And Microsoft is working on the Windows Update Status dashboard to communicate issues with Azure and Office 365 customers.

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On the other hand, there is a big problem for people running Windows 10. Whether it's safe to download the October 2018 update. It's hard to blame anyone for being skeptical, but this release, which currently uses 6 million PCs, is undoubtedly the most tested in the history of Windows 10.

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