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Matric test scandal hit Gauteng


The principal entered the math test center and gave the students an answer to the geography paper 1.

This is a whistle blowing thought to have occurred last week at Mpontsheng High School in Katlehong, Gauteng.

The interested parent, the whistle blower, submitted to Umalusi, the organization responsible for quality assurance of the National Higher Education (NSC) mathematics test.

This is the first case reported to the authorities this year. Disgraceful scandal that shook the country in 2014.

The primary education department, the agency responsible for the assessment, moved away from the fake letter that claimed that the math book had leaked last month.

When the department rejected the question, the paper was leaked and urged parents, teachers, students and department officials to ignore the letter.

The provincial ministry of education was constantly monitoring the exams to ensure that everything went well.

The exam, which started on October 15th, is scheduled to end on November 28th.

A total of 796 542 candidates will take the test at the 6 888 test center.

Of these, 629 are full-time and the rest are 167.

An internal whistle tells Umalusi that his daughter told her family last Tuesday that Principal Steven Sihadi entered one of the test papers in grade 12C and that the student gave an answer to the question in geography article 1.

"The students were proud of the incident, and the principal has told me not to worry about Geography 2, either.

"I understand that the principal teaches us about the geography of the school," the whistle-blower told Umalusi.

City Press has requested that whistle-blowers remain anonymous so that their children are not sacrificed at school.

When the City Press visited the school on Wednesday, Sihadi refused to address and address the issue to the Gauteng Education Authority.

Umalusi spokesman Lucky Ditaunyane confirmed last week's complaint was received.

"Umalusi received information about the allegations and was informed by the information DBE [the department of basic education] About it. "

Ditaunyane said that Umalusi did not investigate such a case in terms of policy regulating the administration and management of national exams.

"It is the responsibility of the evaluation body to investigate illegal charges instead. After the investigation is complete, the evaluation body must submit an official report to Umalusi.

"Depending on the results of the investigation, Umalusi will determine whether or not legitimate procedures are followed, or Umalusi can instruct the evaluation body to conduct further investigations," Ditaunyane said.

Elijah Mhlanga, a primary education spokesperson, confirmed that Umalusi delivered a "support incident to students at Mpontsheng Secondary School" during the writing of Geography Paper 1.

Mlanga said the department asked the Gauteng Ministry of Education to investigate illegal activities and provide reports to the primary education ministry.

"In the preliminary survey [Gauteng education department] It was clear that the principal provided guidance for questions that the candidate should answer in carrying out his or her normal responsibilities as the best supervisor at the beginning of the exam.

"The principal is exempted from the responsibility of the chief adviser and the exam is now administered by the district officers.

"Precautionary measures have been taken to stop the teachers," Malgana said.

The rules governing the conduct, management and management of NSC inspections prescribe protocols that are subject to such unusual circumstances.

"The problem must first be thoroughly investigated by the PED. [provincial education department] This survey report will be submitted to the District Attorneys' Advisory Committee and then to the National Testing Advisory Committee (NEIC).

"The basic education department will conduct the oversight in this survey, and a recommendation will be sent to Umalusi at the NEIC meeting.

"NEIC will meet on December 19, 2018 to conclude all test cheating that resulted from this test," he said.

Similar misconduct in other provinces has not been reported, and a default will be imposed on principals and teachers accused of crimes under the Employment of Educators Act.

The range of support available to students will be thoroughly investigated and confirmed, and will be decided by the Basic Education department with Umalusi.


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