Monday , June 21 2021

Mashaba apologizes for the "ebolas" statement but does not protect the people.

Herman Mashaba, Mayor of Johannesburg, arrested an informal trader for social media earlier this week and apologized for his "Ebola".

In this post he accused the merchant of transferring potential diseases such as Ebola to residents.

"I apologize to our people most sincerely for my opinion of the meat that poses a potential risk of Ebola, and I apologize and apologize for what seems to be insensitivity to the plight of the informal traders of our city." Mashaba said in a statement on Wednesday.

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After the comments triggered public anger over social media, Mashaba's apology comes out.

On Monday, he said he had arrested civilians for the first time after a man who drove a trolley with about 20 cow heads in central Johannesburg was murdered.

"We have personally stopped this illegal activity in our city, how can we do meat trading in this way?" @CityofJoburgZA is waiting for @AsktheChiefJMPD to arrive before experiencing an unknown disease, "said Twitter.

But a spokesman in the statement said it was not an attack on any person, organization, informal trader or foreign resident.

He added that his response came from the fact that many residents who are unable to access quality health care in the city are vulnerable to emergencies caused by improper handling of food.

"I did not make the mistake. When I made the mistake, I was humble and willing to apologize to my people," said Mashava.

Health inspectors who help informal traders in urban areas

The market is planning to send health inspectors to the city's informal traders to listen to advice on social media.

"I worked in unofficial and formal merchants and city centers to understand the city's safety standards, and asked why they are so important," he explained.

However, Mashaba is insensitive to his will for the protection of the people.

"I am firm and untrustworthy about the need to actively protect the welfare of our people with a focus on our commitment and the enforcement of our city.

"As a city, we must actively take steps to prevent disease outbreaks," he concludes, "the poorest people in our city know the weakest way in this regard."

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