Tuesday , January 31 2023

Makhanda residents want municipalities to be placed under management.


The Fed's biggest inhabitants say it's enough in Makhanda in Eastern Cape. They want to place municipalities in the administration. Water scarcity is one of the major issues.

In 2015, the city of Makana City hired Amatola Water for sanitation and water supply.

This includes aging infrastructure management. Two years later, Amatola Water withdrew its service due to 40 million RMB of unpaid debt.

Bongani Selu lived most of his life here. The water here is disconnected at night so you can fill the reservoir. He says he can not remember the day he drank water for 24 hours.

"We do not drink water from the faucet because it is only used for bathing, because it can be seen in brown and very dark. We are rather tasty to buy water at a local spa, but many families can afford it It is expensive because it is not there, so children have to drink it to make children sick. "

Sewage drain will fall into a nightmare here.

Lizziwe Lukwe, Makhanda East Resident: "I was really sick, and when this water went into my house I was already sick and made it worse. I suffer from extreme back pain, kidney disease and other diseases, But I have to endure it. There is no choice. "

The authorities know the problem.

Nomhle Gaga Mayor: "We have done an audit of electricity, water, sewer and roads as a municipality and have set up a business plan for funding and business plan use. For Macana municipality, especially for water, we already have James Klein We have plans for the future that have begun to upgrade our Hans water treatment operations, and if we have upgraded, townships and townspeople will get water from Macadamia. "

Watch the Makhanda people mourn for the lack of service delivery below:

This post first appeared on SABC News.

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