Wednesday , May 12 2021

Kourtney Kardashian and her children met the Grinch and they were not processed

Kourtney Kardashian, Reign Disick


Sometimes the youngest children ask the deepest questions.

Every Sunday, Kourtney Kardashian Share photos of their day at Universal Studios with their children and their nights and nights, where they enjoy a day in the park and have a number of beautiful influential films. One photo has Kourtney with her son Reign Disick positive next to The Grinch.

De Hold with the Kardashians star put in her title that her son was sure Grinch asked, "Why did you create Christmas?"

That's the million dollar question!

For everyone who looks like the Christmas horse, The Grinch seems to be nice to be happy. Reign, on the other hand, was the opposite. He appeared less than amused and let him as soon as possible as possible.

The approximately four-year-old mate's mother in the cold – white in black and white hands, though Reign was out with his nephews.

Other photos of the adventure after Universal Studios again Reign and Sint-west (That's just a joint jubilee party that was one of the worlds) and a pose on one of the Christmas quotes. A third photo shows the kiddos Penelope Disick (That's just her own "dating day" with her father, Scott Disick), North West And others look more or less to say, "1-2-3 cheese."

Mason Disick went all in his position as he slipped to his side.

If we forget the Christmas card of Christmas card from 2017 when Kim and Kourtney came in full battlefields, was there a skeleton of what was happening? Kim crying to her sister in time, "No one wants to write you in the fire, I plan it, I plan the sharp, so we do not want to shove in."

Kim said, "She is the worst to see, so she can not do it. She does not know she does not seem to be doing work."

Perhaps it is enough?

The KKW Skierweg focuses on E! News on Tuesday Why the tradition ends. Kim asserted that their struggle "was so dramatic" and that "really was just about us."

But there is more. The real reason for announcing the map was not just in the hands of # the daughter. Instead, we have to look after the matriarch caretaker. Kim offere, "Kris Jenner has included. She's just like I do not have the energy to get my kids up and their children. "

Not all Traditional traditions are over. Kim said E! News that she and her husband Kanye West will celebrate their Christmas Eve as they take the winds of Christ.

At least the annual ritual was not put through the Grinch.

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