Friday , April 23 2021

Jah Prayzah army left behind

United Kingdom fans, according to Jah Prayzah's reporting from April 2009, were earning in European countries due to their close links with the Zimbabwean defenses (ZDF) accused of citizen movement .

Jah Prayzah, the ambassador for "ZDF", is approved to share the stage with Winky D, Jah Signal, Baba Harare, Tocky Vibes and DJ Silence Dosh on April 19 through 21 in & # 39; an English candidate from Y2K Entertainment Promotions and Impala Car Rentals.

This comes after the soldiers were first wounded on August 1 in Harare.

One of our fans, Philip Sibanda, took on Facebook the feelings of Jah Prayzah.

"I believe I have to stand with others. Today I will not play Jah Prayzah's music because of his support for the government.
Furthermore, I will not show any part of his … kill this military range of people. No, I'm done, "read the post.

Another social media user Jewel Diane Jacobs competed with Sibanda; "I am with you, this is painful."

Attempting to get a response from & # 39; s promoters was without the health of & # 39; making time for yesterday's print, but Jah Prayzah's manager Keen Mushapaidze told the Daily News the Kutonga Kwaro hitmaker is apolitical.

"It has always been the case that people try Jah Prayzah with politics, but he is apolitical. The majority are expecting him to Zanu-PF, but there are also some insiders where" MDC leaders like Nelson Chamisa and themselves The late Morgan Tsvangirai are seen dancing in various videos after his song Mdara Vachauya, "Mushapaidze said.

"Guides can be interpreted differently and can be used by anyone. Be careful not to" hear "a song at any musician once has marked the path to" ".

Mushapaidze took the opportunity to explain references and expectations of Jah Prayzah to soldiers.

"He was appointed as the Zimbabwean defense-cultural ambassador, after representing the culture of his country through his music. People went to the city with the name" ZDF " came, but the truth of the matter is that he is just the culture of his music.

"The appointment would come by another organization, and be aware that all the musicians who had not taken up the army but were appointed as ambassadors." Jah Prayzah was unique in meaning that his music was the culture of & # 39; presents life.

"Jah Prayzah does not know how to mean a piste, but his music forms Zimbabwean culture very well," Mushapaidze said.

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