Sunday , August 1 2021

It is easier to photograph a black hole than to let a woman shine

OPINY: The first first honor photography of the last week of a black hole was a whole jump for science – and a massive step back for humanity.

We now have the capacity to photograph a halo of dust and gas 500 million trillion kilometers out of the earth, but we are not yet sufficiently advanced to give credit and acceptance to a woman.

The woman in the question was Dr Katie Bouman, the MIT branch that created the creation of one of & # 39; The algorithms cause the black praise to make photo.

After the black venue image was expanded to a world by the Event Horizon telescope director Sheperd Targetman, MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab has proudly tweeted a picture of Dr Bouman, which is their role on the project.

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Articles and photos from an interesting 29-year-old download of the black battle on her computer began on newsstands and social media.

In addition, PR said. It is normal practice for universities and companies to publish the performance of their staff, students and alumni.

The black focal photo was a great event - until the operation Take Down Katie Bouman was born.


The black focal photo was a great event – until the operation Take Down Katie Bouman was born.

But this is STEM we are talking about, and a woman who's recording the scientific spotlight cannot tolerate.

Within hours, Operation Take Down Katie Bouman was in complete swing and still has gathered there.

Trolls respond to Reddit and correct to make videos on youtube with titles like "woman does 6 percent of work but gets 100 percent of credit: Black Hole Photo".

To be clear, Bouman has never mentioned that the star of a black spacecraft. She was nothing but proud and colleague.

When published on Facebook, "No one algorithm or person created this image, it requires the tremendous talent of a team of scientists from the earth and years of hard work to the instrument, data processing, method of analysis and analysis -technologies that are needed to draw this seemingly impossible game ".

But that does not seem to mean the geeksbros that save their mothers, that Bouman was just a little bit more than a photobomb, and that Andrew Chael, a male colleague, was responsible for writing 850,000 from & # 39; a 900,000 lines of & # 39; a code in the algorithm.

Chael has succeeded since these trolls and defended Bouman, tweeting not only does it target 850,000 lines, it's only about 68,000 lines in any current software.

"So while I value the salutations on a result that I have worked hard for many years, if you participate in you, to have a sexist vendetta against Katie, go away and change your priorities in life," Chael tweet.

When it comes to switching women, the field is STEM. Two years ago, a very paid Google engineer took it upon himself to explain that "Women, on average, have more … Neurotism (higher fear, lower stress tolerance)."

And in 2015, a Nobel Prize Scientist has publicly stated that when women are present in laboratories, "you coincide with them, they feel themselves in love, and if you criticize them, they cry."

But where these male scientists at least acknowledge the existence of women, Bouman's trolls took it a step further.

Not content with her discrediting her and her three years of hard work on a man, some people want to fully explain her.

In a stunt present Hidden Figures, the black female mathematicians are critical of the success of the American space explorer who's not written out of & # 39; e history, External links Commons Commons: Katie Bouman – picture, video and rake for the suffering and others have fake social media accounts in their name.

For a field that is due to attempting to be truthful and giving credit where it is found, some present scientists do not seem to be closer to being able to that men can be women as science. At this stage we have previously found the life on another planet earlier when we reach equality in STEM.

If there is one mockery of getting rid of the whole tawdry affair, these trolls have still stopped Dr Katie Bouman's profile as he did.

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