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Immune System's Fountain of Youth


Drug treatment derives sand cells from tissue of old mice. The blue stones make tens of thousands of cells in lung and living. The amount of boredom is greatly reduced to medical treatment. Credit: Weizmann Institute of Science.

If we are only our bodies young, healthy and energetic, as we reach the wisdom of our years. New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science suggests that this dream can be reached at least moderately every minute. The results of this study, led by Professor Valery Krizhanovsky and Dr. Yossi Ovadya in the Molecular Cell Biology department, was recently published in Nature Communications.

The study began with a study of how the immune system is involved in a cross activity: granting old senescent cells that use the problem for the body as they surround it. Tens of thousands of cells – not completely dead, but suffering from function or irreversible damage – are complicated by illness of old through the promotion of influence. The researchers used mice lacking a critical gene for this immune activity. At two years (older, for mice), the bodies of this mouse had a greater accumulation of senescent cells compared to the mice where the gene for removing these cells was intact. The mice found the genus of chronic inflammation, and several functions appeared in their bodies. They also see older – and in the past – ruin as their ordinary people.

In addition, the researchers gave the mice a medicine that elevates the function of certain proteins to help the aging cells in their senescent state, to see if it contributed to the enhancement of these cells from the body. The medication was administered to mice that were not respected as a result of defining & nbsp; the group & # 39; the immune system had been discovered, and they have also been prevented by another genetic error. The treated mice responded tremendously to the drugs: their blood tests and activity problems were improved, and their tissues appeared much closer to those of young mice. Scientists are counting sensory cells, finding much less of them in & # 39; a treated knives; And when they see signs of intelligence, they found this to be a lower army. The mice treated with medical science were active and their median lives went well.

Scientists want to further investigate ways to carry out the human body to remove its old nerve cells, in particular to find means for activating the immune system to do this task. That is, if the future is experimenting with its theories, they can finally make "real anti-aging" types.

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Unexpected immune add-on climbs accommodation of latest cells and waste. Yossi Ovadya, Tomer Landsberger, Hanna Leins, Ezra Vadai, Hila Gal, Anat Biran, Reut Yosef, Adi Sagiv, Amit Agrawal, Alon Shapira, Joseph Windheim, Michael Tsoory, Reinhold Schirmbeck, Ido Amit, Hartmut Geiger & Valery Krizhanovsky. Natural communication, part 9, article: 5435 (2018),

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