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Growing Interest: Here's a Bright Idea: Start Tulip Bulbs Now | Lifestyle


Believe it or not, there is still time to plant spring flowers in the garden. Tulips can be planted as long as the ground does not freeze. November is also a good time to forcefully start the bulb indoors in the winter springtime.

Tulips can be forcibly planted indoors. If a shallow container is selected and the bulb is hardly covered, the "nose" must protrude from the growing medium. Keep the water in the fridge or keep it cool, but move it to a veranda that does not fall below 35 degrees.

After cooling for 15 weeks, move the container to a temperature of 55 degrees. Flowers appear within two to three weeks. For continuous color throughout the winter, plant the bulb every two weeks.

Crocuses, daffodils, anchovies and other hardy spring pollen can also be forced to bloom indoors with the correct amount of cold air.

Paperwhite Daffodils and amaryllis bulbs are soft bulbs and do not need to be chilled to induce flowering.

Paperwhite Daffodil is the easiest light bulb to force. Bulbs can be used to plant soil, sand or gravel. I like to use pebbles or glass beads.

Forced to select a decorative container. Place 1 to 2 inches of gravel or glass beads on the bottom of the container. Place the water within 1/4 inch of the gravel top. Place the tip of the bulb tip on a gravel or stone. Do not place the bulb in water. Roots grow in water.

For best display, place bulb in shoulder to shoulder. Place the container in a cool 50-60 degree cool room until shooting is 1 to 2 inches tall. Paperwhites will take 4 to 6 weeks.

Paperwhites discard the bulb after blooming because it only blooms once. I bend the flowers that continue from October to January.

Amaryllis is a large bulb that produces colorful and trumpet flowers. The big bulb is bigger and produces more flowers. Choose a container that is deep enough to allow proper root development and drainage. The bulb should be placed so that half of the bulb is on the surface of the potting medium. Drink the water completely and go to a warm, sunny place. Flowers grow in the dormant bulb after 7-10 weeks.

To prevent the formation of seeds, remove discolored flowers, but do not remove them until the flower stem becomes yellow. Amarylis should get plenty of bright sunshine after blooming to save energy for blooming next season. If necessary, please thoroughly water the plants. It makes fertilizer every month with balanced foliage fertilizer to make nutrients for future flower production. Begin the forced period again in the fall.

Amaryllis needs attention and attention throughout the year, but beautiful trumpet flowers are a great reward.

Flower bulbs are great holidays and mistress gifts. Start enjoying the light bulb for today's long dark days of winter.

Robin Fruth-Dugstad is a professor of horticulture at Rochester Community and Technical College and has 25 years of experience in horticulture and landscaping. Questions about plants and gardens can be sent to [email protected]

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